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Fast and flawless import process

Are you an importer of fresh produce and do you want optimal control over your stock in transit? Do you want to be able to fully monitor the preliminary phase of the containers and purchase on commission? Then the importer package can save you a lot of time!

Communicate customs declarations to agents and carriers via a single button

The handling of customs declarations will become a major challenge for fresh produce companies after a Brexit when trading with the United Kingdom (UK). That is why we have developed an integrated customs service connection, whereby customs declarations can be communicated to customs agents and transporters via a single button.

Extended FreshBabel inbox

De afgelopen periode zijn er stappen gezet voor samenwerkingen tussen GreenCommerce en externe loodsen. Wij hebben FreshBabel ingeschakeld om de digitale communicatie te voorzien tussen verschillende softwaresystemen. Met de uitbreiding van de FreshBabel-inbox zullen administratieve handelingen rondom interne logistiek grotendeels automatisch verlopen.

Clear data overviews with Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards

Data is the new fuel for most businesses. Those who retrieve the right data and know how to use it correctly, will find meaningful overviews that could lead to cost reductions and faster working methods. With help of the ‘Datawarehouse package’ or the new Lite-version of this package, GreenCommerce data will be clearly visualised in dashboards and reports. Businesses can easily choose the right path based on this information.

Transition from modules to packages

Over the years, we have developed a lot of modules that were meant to extend your standard GreenCommerce. Because of the large amount of modules (specifically 45 modules) we have decided to bundle them into packages.

Easy access to retailers and trading partners

De aansluiting naar retailers vindt veelal plaats door middel van uitwisseling van EDI berichten, waarbij tussenpartijen worden ingeschakeld om de vertaling te maken naar het format van retailers. De trajecten om EDI koppelingen op te zetten verlopen niet altijd even soepel en kunnen bovendien flink in de kosten lopen; dat moet anders kunnen...

Module for importers

The Courgette release brings several interesting developments specifically targeted at importers. For this release the focus has been on the registration as well as the logistic handling of containers.

New website

The GreenCommerce website has been completely renewed in both design and content. Our aim is to use this new platform to more effectively market GreenCommerce as a product whilst at the same time being a better source of information for customers and users. There will especially be more focus on communication and guidance. So stay tuned!

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