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Microsoft Power BI

The Power BI Datawarehouse module of fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Reports and dashboards via Microsoft's Power BI tool
GreenCommerce's Datawarehouse package makes it possible to use Microsoft's Power BI. This is a tool that converts data from GreenCommerce into clear reports and dashboards. With Power BI you are able to quickly and easily make comparisons and gain insight into the data that you register daily in GreenCommerce. GreenCommerce offers a preset set in Microsoft's Power BI, after which you can adjust or expand these dashboards according to your own wishes.

More information
Your GreenCommerce is one very large source of different data, only where do you start? To help you get started, we have put together the Datawarehouse package; using tools such as PowerBI, you can get started with a standard dashboard that you can design to your own taste. Watch the video here.

Do you want to know more about the Datawarehouse package or do you want to see the system in a demo? Please contact product specialist Rene Koene at

Please find this website.

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