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FreshBabel connection
FreshBabel is used as a "translation engine" between different software systems, so that messages about inbound, production and outbound can be automatically processed into GreenCommerce. By linking to FreshBabel, certain data, such as orders, invoices and shipments, no longer have to be manually entered, which reduces the error margin.

FreshBabel goes much further than just processing orders. The following processes are also possible:

Commerce: orders, confirmations, shipments and invoices.
Warehousing: receipts, stock and shipments.
Production: productions, stock reservations, production results.
Transport: transport orders, delivery confirmations and status updates.

A selection of the benefits:

  • Retyping messages about orders, shipments and invoices, for example, becomes unnecessary
  • The purchasing and sales process becomes a lot less error-prone
  • Low entry costs and directly accessible to affiliated partners
  • Immediately available to all GreenCommerce users

The 'Google Translate' of software systems
Without a dictionary, translator or Google Translate, it becomes difficult to communicate with other nationalities if you do not speak the language. The same thing happens every day with software systems; they want to communicate with each other but do not speak the same language. FreshBabel offers the solution to work as a translator between two different systems.

More information?
Curious to the possibilities of FreshBabel? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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