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Process of certifications optimized in GreenCommerce in collaboration with Marni Fruit

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  27 October 2021

Recently, in collaboration with Marni Fruit, new developments have been made in the processing of certificates and certifications in GreenCommerce. Marni Fruit recently opted for GreenCommerce and is currently in the middle of the implementation process. A number of developments were required for a seamless integration. These developments have become a big part of GreenCommerce's Tomato quarterly release; the final and mandatory release of 2021.

Marni Fruit is an import/export company of fruit and vegetable products and specialized in mixed pallets. With its own growers' association and a large climate-controlled distribution center in Barendrecht, Marni Fruit is one of the larger players in the market. They recently started an implementation process with GreenCommerce, with the plan to go live with the fresh produce software in the new year 2022. “We had the feeling that JEM-id was a company that was open to good adjustments to the GreenCommerce package, such as certifications and adjustments in the field of customs. This is confirmed in the new Tomato release.”, says Marco de Keijzer of Marni Fruit about the choice for GreenCommerce.

The new developments mainly focus on the recording, registration and inspection of supplier certifications and associated customer requirements.

Marni fruit gaat starten met AGF software GreenCommerce

f.l.t.r. toast with Marco de Keijzer (Marni Fruit), Martijn van Andel (JEM-id), Niek Haerkens (Marni Fruit)

Split into different phases to add structure
The developments are divided into different phases. In the first phase, the focus was on functionalities for recording supplier certifications, with the flexibility to be able to do furnishing at article level. The certifications are made transparent and an adjustable blocking effect can be activated to ensure that it is not possible to purchase if a supplier does not comply with certifications.

An extension is also added that allows quality employees to have insight into the certification status of suppliers of the goods during goods receipt.

In phase 2, the focus is on the requirements that customers have in the field of certification. Functionalities are added here that ensure that filtering can be performed to filter out unsuitable stock (according to certifications); both for production and sales. The new developments will bring many benefits to Marni Fruit: “We are gaining better insight into the certifications of all suppliers. This is becoming an increasingly important part of business operations. Food safety and food defense are of paramount importance at Marni Fruit. We can better guarantee this by means of GreenCommerce,” says Marco.

Stock insight and processing via multicompany tool
In addition to the developments in the field of certification, options have also been added for stock insight and processing when working multi-company. This module gives insight into the other company's stock. Multicompany is a module on GreenCommerce that makes it easy to work with multiple LTDs side by side in one system, while keeping the administration separate.

Employees learn to work with GreenCommerce by means of training courses
The go-live of GreenCommerce at Marni Fruit is planned for January 1, 2022. In preparation for the go-live, Marni Fruit followed various GreenCommerce training courses so that the staff became familiar with the fresh produce software. The training courses were given on location by an employee of JEM-id and were experienced as very positive by both parties. Marco: “The training courses are well received by our employees; they see the possibilities with GreenCommerce and are enthusiastic. By clicking directly on a laptop in GreenCommerce during the training, they immediately get feeling with the software. We experience the process very positively and we see that by doing it, it is better than just listening.”

For more information about the project or GreenCommerce, please mail to or call +31 174 - 642622. For more information about Marni Fruit, please find the website:

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