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Successful conclusion of the first Production App pilot

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  5 January 2023

The first pilot of the Production App was successfully completed at the end of 2022. The Production App is the latest addition to the GreenCommerce Apps portfolio. By working with the App with a diverse pilot group, valuable feedback was collected that we could use immediately. In this update we will inform you about the past period and which future steps are still to come.

In the past period, we have been working hard on a new Production App that focuses on supporting service providers. Having control over the production process is a focus point for this App. Clear production schedules, real-time progress of the production process and active signaling functions offer employees the opportunity to maintain continuous control over all current productions. The first pilot phase was recently completed in which various companies tested the App. This resulted in valuable feedback that we immediately started working on.

The pilot users also spoke positively about the past period. Wilbert Goes, Application Manager at Koppert Cress, is enthusiastic: "Completing orders via the Production App is simple and fast, so that the right action takes place at the right place. There is no longer a fixed terminal, so you are much more flexible and do not have to walk back and forth again. This saves us a lot of time."

Ruud van Zanten, Operational Development Manager at BE Fresh Produce, also spoke positively about the App: “By using the Production App, we no longer have to walk back and forth to a workstation, which gives us more time to produce. This results in net profit.”

We are currently processing the feedback points. The time and labor registration component plays an important role in this. When all feedback points have been completed, a second pilot will start with a new group of customers. By extensively testing the Production App with a diverse group, we receive a lot of feedback in a short period that we can process in one go.

"We are making great steps to organize the production process more efficiently. The Production App is an important factor in this. This way we can not only go deeper into the assigned tasks, but also how we can properly register the number of employees. We expect to benefit greatly from the new time and labor registration feature, which will free up time for other important matters," concludes Paul Gruijs, Logistics Officer at Sawari Fresh.

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