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Seamless collaboration between JNV Produce Marketing and Vita Verde thanks to the Multicompany solution in GreenCommerce

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At JNV Produce Marketing and Vita Verde, quality comes first. The companies are located at the same office location in Maasdijk and work together a lot. GreenCommerce offers both organizations a lot of insight into processes and costs spent. This is especially in the area of ​​purchasing and sales. Both LTD's work well together thanks to the convenient Multicompany tool and a translation package within GreenCommerce.

About JNV Produce Marketing and Vita Verde
JNV Produce Marketing (JNV) is located in Maasdijk and specializes in supplying Dutch greenhouse vegetables to the supermarket-related segment of the United Kingdom. The organization is closely associated with the company Vita Verde, which is located at the same address. The Vita Verde brand is an exclusive brand with fresh and high-quality Italian vegetables. The Vita Verde Salads can be found in supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops and restaurants throughout Europe.

Through GreenCommerce, both LTD's gain insight into processes and costs, which offers them clarity. Especially in the field of sales, purchasing and transport planning; “Where we used to do everything manually, we have now started exporting to other countries. The package is straightforward, clear and well-arranged.The price list with the different surcharges and costs is also a real improvement for us, as is the Multicompany package and the translation solution," says Frits de Mooij, CEO of Vita Verde.

Multiple LTD's in one system via Multicompany package
When a company or the owner has several LTD's owned, it can be difficult and time-consuming to work from different systems, especially when there is a lot of cooperation or trading between them. The Multicompany package offers a solution for JNV/Vita verde because they want to work with multiple companies in one system. Also, because there is a lot of mutual trade, the package offers a lot of value, because it is easy to switch per company. By dividing all LTD's within a company under one GreenCommerce, whereby the entire administration is separated per LTD, it is possible to work perfectly side by side. Master data is company-specific, so that own items or items on behalf of multiple companies can be used. In mutual trade, orders can be 'passed through', which automatically creates a purchase order with the other company. Adjustments to these orders can be passed on immediately so that you always work with up-to-date information. Frits de Mooij is happy with this solution: "GreenCommerce gives us insight into processes and costs in the field of purchasing and sales for both LTD's through the convenient Multicompany tool."

Working with colleagues from different countries is no problem thanks to translation package
When companies work with international staff, it can be inefficient to use a system whose language they do not master. Via the translation package of GreenCommerce it is possible at Vita Verde and JNV to set the language for each user that they prefer, without other colleagues being interferred by this. This makes it possible to work more efficiently in the same system with multiple nationalities within a company. Frits de Mooij: "Because of two different LTD's that focus on different countries, the translation package is a convenient addition for us and makes it possible for every employee, from whatever LTD, to be able to work from anywhere in the world."

Implementation phase
Changes in working methods can present challenges. “We had some minor start-up problems. It took some getting used to, but we are now very happy with the package and we can get a lot out of it. We also experienced the guidance and implementation on location as very pleasant, we had a good relationship with the implementation specialist of jem-id.”

Future proof development
JNV and Vita Verde started working with GreenCommerce in 2020 and were also immediately prepared for the future, especially surrounding the Brexit. They expanded the system in time with the Export package, so that they could start well prepared for the Brexit.

Via the Export package it is possible for companies to make their own declaration to customs or to outsource this completely to transporters they work with. Companies such as DLG DailyFresh Logistics, Freight Line Europe and H.Z. Logistics have a link with GreenCommerce. As a result, they can receive transport orders from the exporters with the transport-relevant data via the Transportal. Due to Brexit, a development has been made to also share information about the customs-related matters 'necessary for the export' during the transport order. The customs service is used for this, whereby carriers can request the necessary data. If desired, the messages can also be sent directly to a customs agent. JNV also did not want to take any risk in this, ''We want to avoid logistical and administrative delays, hence the Brexit-proof GreenCommerce solution in collaboration with our logistics partner DLG DailyFresh Logistics. It unburdens the UK customer and us," said Johan Vrijland (CEO at JNV).

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