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Uitbreidingen in de WMS App t.a.v. de Chain of Custody

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  16 January 2023

A new GreenCommerce release (Yuzu) will follow shortly, containing various developments for the Chain of Custody (CoC). More and more requirements are being set in the field of food safety traceability, a trend that we have seen for some time in the fresh produce industry.The CoC certification, which is based on the Global GAP standard, will be made mandatory by many companies. To support these companies, various developments have been added to GreenCommerce and the WMS App with regard to this certification.

Developments in GreenCommerce
Within GreenCommerce, the CoC certification has been given an important place in several screens. For example, you will be able to find it in purchasing, sales, production and shipments, only if the CoC functionalities are used. As described in the release notes, batches can be marked as CoC suitable. It is also possible to indicate for a supplier to be CoC suitable by default. The CoC status of a batch can be changed via, among other things, the batch card and the purchase order screen. You can also add a comment to the batch card. At the purchase order screen, the status can be updated for multiple batches of a purchase order line or for all batches or multiple purchase order lines at the same time.

By means of a new check mark in a production order you can indicate that only CoC suitable batches may be used. This is made even clearer with highlighting at the batch reservation. If all usage is CoC suitable, the resulting batch also receives the status CoC suitable. If one of the used batches is unsuitable, the resulting batch will also receive the status unsuitable. If the used batches do not have a CoC status, the CoC status of the result batch is set to 'Unknown'. It is of course still possible to manually adjust the CoC status of the result batches.

With the shipments, it is possible to block the action if non-CoC suitable batches are shipped. When this setting is active, an error message will follow when a batch that is not CoC suitable is used. In addition, this is already taken into account when choosing the pallets and only pallets are shown from batchs that are suitable for CoC.

Developments in the WMS App
By introducing the CoC certification within GreenCommerce, additional insight has also been created in the WMS App. For example, batches are generally not immediately 'CoC suitable' upon arrival. There is a possibility that this will be added automatically for certain suppliers. In this case, the check must be carried out. In the WMS this is visible in the inbound line (details).

Once an order is marked with the “CoC required” flag, all item reservations will be marked for CoC. In this case only batch suggestions are made with CoC batches. In the case of a batch reservation, the CoC status is only displayed if it is also CoC suitable.

The same method as for production is used for order picking for shipment. If the linked sales order line is marked with the “CoC required” flag, the suggestions will only be CoC appropriate. As soon as it has been assigned, the assignment will be followed in the WMS.

Stock insight
In addition, the CoC suitability is also visible per pallet on the pallet card.

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