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Roadmap sessions with users provide new insights

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  2 September 2022

At the end of last year, we announced the roadmap for 2022. This roadmap consists of 4 themes in which different topics are related to one of the themes. Introducing a roadmap would provide more insight into the development process; from conception to realization. Product specialists Fernon van Paassen and Michelle Vijverberg started targeted customer visits this summer to retrieve information from them. As we approach the last quarter of 2022, we look back at the visit of the roadmap and are curious about how they experienced these first customer visits.

“We noticed that we made many developments, but that not all information reached the customer in the right way,” Michelle kicks off, “Because developments follow each other quickly, this also applies to our communication. Six months later, there is naturally less communication about a subject as in the beginning. That was the crux for us.” Fernon adds: “Not every customer needs a certain development at the same time. That may take some time. That is why we started targeted customer visits this summer to highlight topics from the roadmap and to retrieve information from customers. What issues are there and how can we support them in this? We also show what we have made so far and what plans are being made for the future.”

These issues do not necessarily have to relate to GreenCommerce, but can also be sector-related challenges, such as Brexit or stricter regulations regarding certifications. By mapping such challenges, Michelle and Fernon try to find a match between these issues and existing functionalities in GreenCommerce. Fernon: “In such a conversation we quickly find out whether an underlying problem is actually getting in the way of the intended issue. By going to the core, we can create sustainable solutions that can add value to multiple customers and are therefore more deployable. Sometimes you help someone by learning a new way of working or by giving extra explanation about a functionality that is not being used optimally. Such conversations are very valuable for both parties.”

Because we update with GreenCommerce via a release cadence of 3 months, whereby 2 versions are mandatory per year, it can happen that a company receives developments of several versions at the same time. As a result, an interesting development is sometimes overlooked. “We watch a process and if we think it can be done smarter or faster, we'll show it. Those are quick wins that really benefit the customer,” says Michelle. “We also provide a glimpse into future plans and tell you which developments will be incorporated in the next sprint.”

Industry challenges can quickly become very complicated. It is therefore important that the structure is good. Fernon: “We see recognition from the customer when we talk about topics that are on the roadmap. That means we hit the right note. We know how the industry works. That is why it is good that as an IT partner we also come up with industry-related issues instead of always the other way around.” Because GreenCommerce is being developed year round, Michelle and Fernon plan to continue this trend: “We have just started but it is going very well, from both ourselves and the customer,” Fernon begins. “By entering the conversation openly, interesting topics come to the front. For example, we regularly carry out large projects in collaboration with customers. During the conversation, it becomes clear whether there is potential in such a process and which period is most suitable for it.” Michelle concludes: “It brings a lot of positivity and we hope to lay a solid foundation for close partnerships.”

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