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Daily Logistics Group

Daily Logistics Group
Visbeen and Post-Kogeko merged into Daily Logistics Group (DLG). In order to process customs declarations faster and easier in GreenCommerce, DLG has been partnering up as customs handler. Customs declarations can be communicated to DLG at the touch of a button via the customs service link. They are specialists in multimodal refrigerated transport throughout Europe and relieve customers in the field of (external) logistics. Information for customs declarations and export shipments can be exchanged via the link with GreenCommerce.


  • Data from GreenCommerce can be easily sent, after which DLG can take care of customs declarations;
  • Possible link with Tansportal (Optimization in the cooperation between carriers and clients by sharing information with each other and gaining insight into the transport assignments you have planned).

For more information, visit this website.

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