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GreenCommerce QC App

Qc App quality control application for the fresh produce industry

Quality Control (QC) App

Quality assurance is becoming increasingly important within the fresh produce sector. Not only because of the increasing demands within the market, but also because of the stricter requirements for food safety. With the GreenCommerce QC App you are able, among other things, to scan a pallet in order to immediately record and request important information from that pallet, anywhere in the world. The GreenCommerce QC App is the modern, technically better equipped successor to FreshTracker. By means of the app, the inspection results can be used easily and directly throughout the entire chain, so that the traceability of the product can be raised to a higher level. Because one or more photos can be immediately attached to a batch in a simple way, visualizing inspection results has never been so accessible and easy as it is now.

The main functionalities of the GreenCommerce QC App are:

  • Making an inspection report on location
  • Link photos to the same report
  • Inspection reports immediately transparent for the entire chain
  • Create special templates for the app
  • Request pallet and batch information by means of scanning or manually entering the barcode

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