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Optimal traceability for Growers United through new jem-id project 'Scanning in the greenhouse'

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Maasdijk, June 30, 2021
Traceability plays a major role in efficiently organizing business processes. jem-id developed for that reason the project "Scanning in the greenhouse" for Growers United. This solution ensures that Growers United gains real-time insight into the entire production chain and the traceability of the logistics process toward the DC.

Efficient logistics through fully automatic warehouse and software
Growers United is a cooperative of- and for vegetable growers and focuses on growing, packaging and selling greenhouse vegetables. The new location of Growers United Maasdijk has a fully automated warehouse that has been built with the aim of ensuring that the logistics flows for fresh products run as efficiently as possible. "We are very happy to partner with jem-id. The 'Scanning in the greenhouse' project enables the growers, transporters and employees of internal operations to work more efficiently. Insight into the entire logistics chain, from grower to customer, has also been greatly improved due to this project." says Patricia Gardien from Growers United.

Digital insight via GreenCommerce and GreenXchange
Growers United uses fresh produce software GreenCommerce, developed by jem-id. This supports them in their day-to-day work to properly serve customers and growers. The growers of Growers United use the online grower platform GreenXchange, which is linked to GreenCommerce. This platform processes orders and stock, arranges transport and manages other crop registrations. With the new developments by jem-id, the cooperation between Growers United and its growers becomes even more efficient, because the organization knows exactly which pallets are being produced per cultivation company and are on their way to the Maasdijk and de Lier packaging locations.

Improved traceability
The process works as follows: The grower receives orders via GreenXchange. The grower then produces the pallets, where each pallet is given a sticker with a unique code. The pallets are then scheduled for transport and assigned to a carrier. The driver scans the pallets that actually go into the truck. Because pallets can be scanned independently, it is also possible for the driver to load at night.

As soon as the truck leaves, the information is readily available from Growers United so that there is a good view of the stock in transit. Upon arrival at the packaging location in Maasdijk, the automated warehouse scans the pallets, after which they are further processed. Because every pallet is provided with a unique pallet ID, tracing at pallet level is guaranteed.

Questions and more information
For questions, comments or to request a demo, you can contact Remco Koornhof via or +31 174 - 64 26 22.

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