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Smooth GreenCommerce implementation at Witkamp

Gepost door  Ellen Samwel  op  21 August 2023

Witkamp was looking for a new software solution to gain proper control over daily business processes. They came into contact with jem-id and made the choice to start with GreenCommerce. After an extensive inventory and preparation, the software was implemented quickly and successfully. This gives Witkamp better control over business processes and enables them to work efficiently. Real-time insight into purchasing, sales, stock and finances, among other things, allows for quick switching.

Morris Peters (Sales Manager at Witkamp) and Jaap Kool (implementation specialist at jem-id).

More control and insight through the use of the right software
Working with the right software can determine the success of a company. “Because the supplier of our previous software package could no longer support us, we were forced to look for a replacement. Many packages passed by, but some turned out to be very complex or not directly aimed at the fresh produce industry. During the selection process, we opted for a partnership with jem-id, mainly because they specialize in the industry'', says Morris Peters (Sales Manager at Witkamp). With GreenCommerce, jem-id focuses on various target groups within the fresh produce industry, such as exporters, importers, packers, logistics service providers, growers' associations and trade organisations, making the system a good fit for an organization such as Witkamp. In the meantime, daily processes such as purchasing, sales, stock and finances are managed via the software at this organization.

Preparation for implementation, standardization and training
It can be challenging for an organization to start working with a new software system. GreenCommerce implementations therefore always start after an extensive selection, inventory and preparation. When a new system is put into operation, it is very important that there is organization-wide support. Jaap Kool (implementation specialist at jem-id): “Implementations have an impact on the organization. Because such a process can be complex, it is divided into phases, so that it remains 'manageable' for both the customer and for us, jem-id. Everything stands or falls with good preparation and communication, so that both of you are less likely to be faced with surprises, because the biggest challenges can be tackled before going live. Implementations are accompanied by a lot of personal attention and intensive training at every level within the organization.”

Smooth implementation and future developments
Partly due to the good preparation and cooperation, the implementation process went smoothly. Witkamp employees are enthusiastic. Peters admits: “The implementation went more smoothly than expected, even in a busy period for us. We particularly enjoyed the good explanation, clear training and the fast communication with the employees of jem-id. We now work fully with GreenCommerce and this gives us good insight into daily business processes, which means we can switch smoothly. The basis is now in place and we are currently looking at the next steps we can take, for example around EDI and using data via a Business Intelligence tool.'' To help customers with a good preparation, jem-id has drawn up a manifest (Dutch) with a matching roadmap. The roadmap offers GreenCommerce users more insight into future developments that are planned. The roadmap contains a combination of innovative, impactful and necessary developments that take into account all target groups within the fresh produce sector.

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