In need of help?

Don’t wait any longer and contact our helpdesk! We can help you over the phone and we are also able to look at your system directly from our office. By doing so we can guide you in solving the problem.

In order to create a link with your system, which allows us to look for the problem, we would like to ask you to download this application and to launch it. Upon starting the program you will be given a code which we will need to view your system and help you most efficiently.         

Phonenumber: +31 174 - 642 613

Hulp nodig?
Hulp nodig?

Malfunction(s) outside working hours? 

Between 7:30 AM and 18:00 PM you can contact the JEM-id helpdesk at (+31 174 - 642 613) or by e-mail at

Is your system interrupted outside of the aforementioned hours and is a solution required urgently? Then you can call us on (+31 6 - 1700 2609) to reach out to one of our employees who will then try to help you with your problem.

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