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A flexible product suitable for different type of players in the fruit and vegetable sector. 


BE Fresh Produce BV

I have been working with GreenCommerce for a long time and we have completely altered the package to our needs. To us this has proven to be an ideal solution, a good example of this is the way we can use our own price lists. The user-friendliness that GreenCommerce offers has been part of the reason our company has grown.

Hans Bergwerff
Zijtwende BV

Due to the constant development of GreenCommerce it seems like we are always one step ahead on the demand of the customer.

Cor Keijzer

Trade organisations

AGF Direct

Two years ago we compared several packages and I chose for GreenCommerce. This has been the best decision I have ever made. Since the start we have been more than satisfied with the trade organisation software. GreenCommerce is transparent and very user friendly.

Dennis van Tricht
Angus Soft Fruits

GreenCommerce guarantees us an error-free working environment, since every step in the process is checked on the right information.

Murat Yildiz
Gomez Fresh

Because everything is registered in the system it gives us a clear overview and allows us to adapt if necessary.

Jeroen Hermanns
Looye Kwekers

We use the Datawarehoue-package in combination with GreenCommerce and would recommend it to anyone. It offers us the possibility to create reports in Power BI and it give us better insight than we had in Excel. The management can look at the bigger picture and the account managers have more knowledge of the financial situation.

Bastiaan Bouwman
New Green

GreenCommerce is good software for us with which we can work quickly on a daily basis. It is clear and gives us an overview.

Annemieke van den Ende
Oostland Company

For us GreenCommerce is the connection between the warehouse and sales. With GreenCommerce information we can directly match production to sales orders.

Joanne van der Weg
Paul Leegwater

We have been working with GreenCommerce for 12 years with great satisfaction. It is a solid software package, where everything makes sense. This saves us a lot of time. The implementation phase and guidance from JEM-id is also good.

Bart Leegwater

GreenCommerce is a user-friendly sales system, precisely tailored to the customer. Traceability is very important and in GreenCommerce this part is prossesed well.

Eric Toussaint
Royal Peppers

We were looking for a software package that would give us a better insight into stock, sales, turnover and the entire logistics process. Within the fresh produce sector is GreenCommerce the proven package. JEM-id has a lot of knowledge in the sector and knows exactly which challenges may arise and thinks further. This expertise and the possibility for a rapid implementation were important to us when choosing the software package.

Arnoud van den Berge
Simba Vegetables

GreenCommerce is a great program for us. It is clear and we can work quickly, flexibly and without errors, resulting in satisfied customers and suppliers.

Maurice Ott


CarSol Europe B.V.

We chose GreenCommerce because of the possibility to properly process production activities. In addition, traceability is important to us, we want to be able to trace where something comes from, what is consumed and where it goes to, this is possible via the software. Another advantage is that JEM-id is a Dutch company, which makes contact moments on location easy to organize, such as support and training.

Harro van Dam

I enjoy working with the system since it's very accurate and user-friendly. Our complete process runs through GreenCommerce. We especially value the way the cost registration works on both small and large scale. It gives us a reassuring feeling to know that the correct price is used throughout the entire franchise. Due to the hands-on mentality at JEM-id they are quick to act in case of questions or malfunctions.

Sjaak Oosthoek

We have specialists like GreenCommerce around us that make us feel very comfortable, so that no matter what happens in the coming years, we can always find an answer.

Eric Br├╝ckner

Grower associations

DOOR Partners

GreenCommerce supports us in our daily business by providing the service our customers and growers need.

Patricia Gardien

GreenCommerce has been supporting our purchase, sales and logistics processes for years. Its automated processes allow us to deliver our tomato's to our customers every day.

Martijn Schipper


Daily Fresh Radish BV

We used to do everything manually and were running around with post-its all day. This is no longer necessary thanks to GreenCommerce. For us placing an order is now very convenient and this same order is easily assigned to the required screens and machines. The software allows us to easily print consignment notes for the driver(s). On top of that the billing process is also faster. In conclusion we can say that working with GreenCommerce is very transparent and reassuring.

Dennis Grootscholten
Euro West

GreenCommerce enables us to quickly gain insight into our traceability.

Stefan van Marrewijk
Europe Retail Packing

Greencommerce is relatively simple to use. It is an advantage that it is very easy to adapt within our organization. As a result, we are very flexible towards our customers. In terms of management information, we have a quick insight of what the costs will be, so we can work very cost-efficiently and give the best price to the customer. And if we have to change some processes, we can adapt quickly.

Menno Reijgersberg
Rainbow Kleinpak

To us JEM-id is a motivated partner who gives Rainbow Kleinpak the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in the market and to seize opportunities. The GreenCommerce package allows us, as a full-service packers and logistics service provider, to completely unburden our clients in real-time.

Sander van Merkerk

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