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Professionalization of GreenCommerce continues through new way of updating

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  12 September 2022

From the next quarterly release we will move to a new way of updating GreenCommerce. The current way of updating, in which a version has to be manually installed 4 times a year, will thus be given a new shape. As of the X version, updates (in consultation with the system administrator) will be automatically installed for every user within a company, after which the application only needs to be restarted. By using this new way of updating, we are taking a major step in the further professionalization of the product.

Always on the correct version
In the current situation, it is possible that different versions are running within the team. This has to do with the use of terminal servers, golden images or network shares. With the new method we can remotely convert all users to the same version at once. This creates more unity at the company and there is a better overview for both parties. Storing a new version will still be done in consultation with the system administrator or key user of your company.

Using terminal server, network share or golden image
Does your company use a terminal server, network share or golden image? With the new way of updating, it is no longer necessary to close GreenCommerce or log out to install the update. This means that there is no longer any need for disruption during an update.

What changes can you encounter
Starting with the X release, you will see some minor changes in the GreenCommerce dashboard. At the bottom right you will be able to see whether the application is still up-to-date. After you click this, an option will become available to manually check for updates. This way you know immediately if and when a new update will be installed.

Every few minutes an automatic check is made to see if an update is available. If a newer version than the installed version is available, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically in the background.

Furthermore, insight into the update status is also available. Once the update has been successfully installed, you will see a popup with an option to restart GreenCommerce or delay the restart. After the application is restarted, the newly installed version of GreenCommerce will be available. You can postpone a maximum of 3 times, with a choice between 5, 30 or 60 minutes. After 3 delays you are obliged to restart. However, if you manually close the application during the delay, it will open the latest installed version when you start it.

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