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Sawari Fresh International is growing thanks to the automation of daily processes through GreenCommerce Essentials

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Barendrecht, December 20, 2021
Sawari Fresh International (Sawari) started in 2020 at the office with GreenCommerce Essentials. Since May 2021, the organization has its own warehouse where they can pick orders online via the WMS App, previously ELMO (Easy Logistic Mobile Operator). Through GreenCommerce, Sawari's management retains insight into, among other things, stocks, costs and results. The company automates what is possible and, mainly because of this, has grown rapidly in a short period of time. A lot of work is done with a relatively small team.

Grow Sawari thanks to GreenCommerce Essentials
Sawari Fresh specializes in Ginger and Garlic with multiple origins and packaged in various packaging. It is importance for the organization that the quality is perfect and that the trade runs smoothly in all areas. Through GreenCommerce Essentials, the organization has maintained insight into, among other things, stocks, costs and results. With GreenCommerce Essentials (<15 users) they use a selection of GreenCommerce.NET, without needing their own server. Because GreenCommerce Essentials consists of a selection of functionalities, the implementation went smoothly and the lead time was limited. In May, the organization opened its own warehouse and Arie Havelaar (Co-Owner Sawari) looks to the future with a smile: ”Our company has grown rapidly, partly due to the use of GreenCommerce Essentials. We participate in pilots for innovative products, so that we as a company can continue to innovate together with jem-id.”

Insight into tracking, stock and costs
Through GreenCommerce, Sawari has valuable information about commercial activities, such as costs, revenues and results in the field of purchasing, production, transport and sales. Sawari Fresh has also been using the WMS App (previously ELMO) since they started using the new warehouse. The GreenCommerce WMS App focuses on the processes surrounding paperless batch receiving and order picking. Registering packaging for fresh produces companies can also be a challenge. This is made clear because per element the stock can be tracked in GreenCommerce. This gives the organization insight into the packaging used for production orders, which adds value for tracking and tracing. Furthermore, Sawari has perfect insight into the payment of suppliers via the account sales functionality. “For us, GreenCommerce Essentials is a well-arranged package, which allows us to properly register our batches of ginger and garlic. It gives us clarity and insight into, among other things, stocks and costs," says Sander Kleinjan (Co-Founder Sawari).

Future Automation
In the new warehouse, the organization is working on the pilot of the GreenCommerce QC App, (connected to GreenCommerce Apps). This is the successor to the FreshTracker quality control app, which can be used to manage the quality process for Sawari. Sawari has started a new company together with Waterman Onions, Biesheuvel Garlic and Roussel Onions; The Taste Innovators/Faia Food. The entrepreneurs have jointly developed tastemakers with which they will serve a new market. They will also be using GreenCommerce Essentials for this new company in the future.


GreenCommerc.NET, WMS App



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