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GreenCommerce Roadmap

The roadmap with the associated topics for 2022 are introduced. Each quarter focuses on one or more topics, in which developments will be made for that subject. With the roadmap, we make sure that GreenCommerce and our users are future-proof. Keep an eye on this page regularly, as more info will follow as the year progresses. Via the information icon you can see the various developments that are planned for that period.

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Current period


Further expansions in the management of certifications are on the agenda for the first quarter.

The focus is on comprehensive insights about supplier certifications. In addition, certificate information is made a part of batches and stock. This also prepares the first functionalities for specific customer requirements in the field of certification.

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Being able to direct quality employees through specific instructions to inspect/re-inspect/check goods is one of the topics on the agenda. In addition, research is carried out into the wishes for exit approval, whereby goods that are ready (or are ready to go) for customers are inspected.

Together with customers we will collect feedback on the new source information and then new additions will be prepared. Ultimately, we want to get these functionalities live in the first quarter in collaboration with customers.

Orders can be filled with different types of items, which are similar, without having to make any changes (such as eg 'large peppers'; specific size does not matter). This interchangeable item inventory is being investigated. In Q3, research will be conducted into the management of inbound and outbound logistics flows and the associated deadlines for orders. It will be examined how this (conflict) signaling should be expressed.

There will be a follow-up to the preliminary research carried out in Q2 on 'article interchangeability'. Together with a number of customers, we want to ensure that this processing is fully integrated into GreenCommerce, including the digital management of logistics partners.

The updated Angular version of GreenXchange is scheduled to go live in Q1 and Q2. In addition, a pilot has been started with customers for the QC App, in which the collected feedback will be processed within the application during this period.

Read more about the project >>

New developments for file structure and service invoicing ensure a better connection with service providers. In addition, many steps will be taken in collaboration with customers for further digitization through integrated links between service providers and clients.

The processing of logistics activities where value is added to an order (on behalf of customers or on its own initiative) is a point of attention. The logistical impact on, among other things, the management of employees, packaging, costs and revenues will be mapped out.

Quality Assurance & Compliancy
Supply Chain Management
Infrastructuur & Techniek
Service Providers

User cases

GreenCommerce is now actively used by more than 60 companies and more than 1200 people. Read the success stories of some of our satisfied users here.

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Save time by registering and sending export data through a link with customs and the KCB (e-CertNL), and gain insight into the countries of origin

Get insight in financial and commercial situations by turning valuable data into informative overviews and reports

Logistics advanced
Reserve items for production or different locations and pick your orders, quickly, easily and without using paper via WMS ELMO

Work easily with multiple companies side by side in one system, where the administration is completely separate

Sales advanced
Create more insight into sales from stocks, prices, results and supplier shares. Easily create sales orders directly from future stock

Get full insight into your packaging stock / fust (elements); both at your own location as well as external locations

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