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Process your orders quickly in GreenCommerce, manage stock and production and plan transport. Work collaboratively with colleagues within one software package.

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Easily connect your favorite tools, financial packages and logistics applications to GreenCommerce to create your ideal workflow.

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GreenCommerce has a modular construction, making it the perfect fit for different kinds of organizations.

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With our unique team of industry and IT specialists, we can offer targeted advice and guidance. Exactly what you need.

Interactive map

With GreenCommerce we facilitate software solutions throughout the entire supply chain. Several solutions are made visible via the interactive map. Via the button at the top right, all interconnections via FreshBabel Messenger are visualized, providing insight into how we digitally connect the entire supply chain.

FreshBabel Messenger

With this button all interconnections through FreshBabel Messenger are made visible, which shows how we digitally interconnect the entire supply chain. 

Growers association

As a growers association it is very important to guarantee close communication with members. The cooperation is being facilitated in various ways within GreenCommerce, one of which is through the growers application GreenXchange. With this application, the members can handle the expected stock and production for you and tracking and tracing of the sold product is covered from the source.

>> Source: GreenXchange


As a member of a growers association but also as stand-alone grower, you want optimal control over your cultivation activities. With the connected growers application GreenXchange, you can manage activities such as registrations and orders, and communicate them towards the parties involved (inland and abroad).

>> Source: GreenXchange

Logistics service providers

As a logistics service provider in the fresh produce industry, it is important to register which resources are being used for the orders of the client. With the Services package, you can indicate per batch, purchase- or sales order whether it’s handling and if there are any costs related to the batch. 

>> Source: Catalogue

Data dashboards

It is becoming more and more important for businesses in the fresh produce industry to correctly measure and use the right data. The Datawarehouse-package facilitates a connection to Microsoft’s Power BI; an online tool that retrieves financial and commercial data from GreenCommerce and transforms it into graphs and charts that are displayed on a digital dashboard.

>> Source: Update: Datawarehouse-package

Warehouse Management System

Companies that own their own warehouse(s) want to arrange their business processes as efficiently as possible by means of a Warehouse Management System (WMS). With ELMO the order picking process in a warehouse is completely digital and can be controlled via various devices such as desktops, phones and tablets. From GreenCommerce, the picklists are assigned to specific order pickers so that only these lists can be opened by the order picker. The connection with ELMO makes an end to all paper in the warehouse.

>> Source: Easy Logistics Mobile Operator (ELMO)

Software in the cloud

As an entrepreneur of a small-sized or startup company in the fresh produce industry, you don’t want to purchase (yet) your own server space and follow a long implementation process. With GreenCommerce Essentials we are offering the most important basic functionalities of GreenCommerce via a server in the cloud. Due to the scalability of the product, the software can grow in the same pace as the organization.

>> Source: GreenCommerce Essentials


Most of all big (and international) retailers demand from their suppliers to communicate via digital messages. In order to reach these retailers, GreenCommerce offers a connection towards EDI provider Transus (via FreshBabel Messenger). Various administrative activities disappear due to the intervention of FreshBabel Messenger.

>> Source: FreshBabel Messenger 


As an addition to the stable basic functionalities of GreenCommerce, the software can be constructed by means of various module packages. For importers in the fresh produce industry, it is among other things possible to gain optimal control over transito stock, to capture air- and sea freight and to follow the complete logistics status.

>> Source: Update: Module for importers


The purchase- and sales process is one of the most important functionalities for exporters in the fresh produce industry. It is possible to sell directly from existing stock or to quickly distribute orders for purchasing of production via the planning.

>> Source: Catalogue

Tracking and tracing

Whenever there are products used in a production order with different countries of origin, it is always possible to trace back the origin of a product even after the order is finished. The origin of a batch is being tracked and repeated throughout the whole process, guaranteeing an optimal tracing of the product.

Customs control

For exporters in the fresh produce industry that have to deal with border controls, GreenCommerce offers connections with various organizations. In order to support the handling of electronic declarations, GreenCommerce offers a connection towards the Quality Control Bureau (KCB). Furthermore, customs declarations can be communicated via one button towards the customs agents and transporters due to the customs service-connection.

Optimal internal logistics

Via the logistics connection, companies can digitally connect and exchange various kinds of information via FreshBabel Messenger. These vary from logistical messages containing information about incoming goods, production or loading. Within GreenCommerce, we support both the “command giver” as well as the “command taker”, making the development interesting for both parties.

>> Source: Update: Logistics link

Quality control

Companies in the fresh produce industry that own a warehouse, are increasingly confronted with quality inspections and food safety. Within GreenCommerce we facilitate connections with various kinds of applications. All basic processes are covered in GreenCommerce’s own app; FreshTracker. For more detailed reports and inspection possibilities GreenCommerce can connect with other applications as well.

>> Source: FreshTracker


If you want to work with multiple Ltd.’s in one system, GreenCommerce offers a solution where it’s easily possible to switch between Ltd.’s while the entire administration is seperate. Even when a lot of trade is done between the Ltd.’s, the solution offers the possibility where orders can be ‘implemented’, which means that the purchase order is directly processed for the other company.

Online price lists

In order to support the commercial process of companies in the fresh produce industry, we made an online version of the traditional price list. Via a link (URL) the buyer is lead towards an online version of the price list where all products and (customer specific) prices are displayed. An order can directly be finalized and modifications are real-time visible. The traditional process of calling and emailing back and forth will be replaced by the online price lists.

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User cases

GreenCommerce is now actively used by more than 60 companies and more than 1200 people. Read the success stories of some of our satisfied users here.

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Save time by registering and sending export data through a link with customs and the KCB (e-CertNL), and gain insight into the countries of origin

Get insight in financial and commercial situations by turning valuable data into informative overviews and reports

Logistics advanced
Reserve items for production or different locations and pick your orders, quickly, easily and without using paper via WMS ELMO

Work easily with multiple companies side by side in one system, where the administration is completely separate

Sales advanced
Create more insight into sales from stocks, prices, results and supplier shares. Easily create sales orders directly from future stock

Get full insight into your packaging stock / fust (elements); both at your own location as well as external locations

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With the package-selection tool, you can customize  your own software package, without worrying if you  purchased too much unnecessarily.

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