Fruit and vegetable grower platform GreenXchange is linked to GreenCommerce, allowing grower associations or cooperatives to provide sales for growers. - GreenCommerce

GreenXchange: platform for growers

GreenXchange growers application for the fresh produce industry

Communicating and keeping track of business processes such as orders, stocks, transport and managing cultivation data is still often done in traditional ways.

GreenXchange is the trading and communication platform for growers who want to have quick and easy control over their cultivation activities. Because GreenXchange is linked to GreenCommerce, it is very suitable for growers' associations or cooperatives that provide central sales for their growers. As a sales organization, the connection allows you to communicate seamlessly with your affiliated growers and immediately view the processed results. Production forecasts give you full insight into future production and you can better respond to market demand.

Does your company have multiple growers connected? Do you want to manage and communicate with your growers in an easy and efficient way? Then the GreenXchange package offers the solution! GreenXchange automates daily business processes for growers and ensures efficient communication with partners. Thanks to linking options, the platform is very suitable for growers' associations or cooperatives where sales are centrally organized for all their growers.

Benefits of the GreenXchange package:

  • Real-time insight into the processing of orders and the accumulated stock on location;
  • Full insight into production forecasts;
  • Optimal traceability from pallets to grower.

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