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Optimal tracking and tracing in GreenCommerce with new GLOBAL G.A.P. Chain of Custody functionalities

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  15 August 2022

Over the past year, the subject of 'certifications' has acquired an increasingly important position in the fresh produce industry, and therefore also within GreenCommerce. From October 1, 2022, GLOBAL G.A.P. Chain of Custody (CoC) is a mandatory certificate for many organizations in the fresh produce trade. To support users in monitoring this certification, various developments have been made in GreenCommerce.

What is GLOBAL G.A.P. and Chain of Custody (CoC)
The GLOBAL G.A.P. Chain of Custody Standard (CoC) is a certificate for all companies and (retail) traders dealing with GLOBAL G.A.P. certified products. CoC ensures that any product sold with a GLOBAL G.A.P. number (GGN) or with a GLOBAL G.A.P. certification claim, actually comes from manufacturers who treat their product according to the strict requirements. The GLOBAL G.A.P. CoC standard tracks products throughout the entire process, from grower to consumer. Traders, processors and distributors can credibly demonstrate that they sell certified products, demonstrate traceability and are visible on the GLOBAL G.A.P. website. Retailers are increasingly demanding that GGNs be placed on the packaging of fruit and vegetables. Within GreenCommerce, we focused in the first quarter on the Quality Assurance and Compliancy theme, in which the CoC became an important part.

Challenges in the sector translated into new developments
Because certain products can go through an order several times or are booked in different usages, it became challenging to guarantee 100% coverage of the CoC. That is why we have added developments within GreenCommerce that provide better insight into the tracing of products via GGNs.

New opportunities have been created in gaining better insight into GGNs when allocating and in the stock. This process starts with purchasing. By introducing a producer to GreenCommerce, an in-depth approach has been made with which grower information can also be recorded. Think of PUC codes, grower codes and GGNs. It also regularly happens that your suppliers buy their products from different growers. In order to keep a good overview, we have now also created the option in GreenCommerce to indicate which producers and product locations (with PUC or grower code) can belong to a relationship.

From now on, batches can be split under one purchase order line, making it unnecessary to create a separate purchase order line for each GGN. This creates more overview in the purchase order screen, while more information can be recorded. In addition, we have made it possible to make suggestions based on GGN when allocating batches. By highlighting batches with a green or red color, the system automatically displays the most suitable batch based on your entered sales requirements. By whitelisting specific GGNs, you record in the sales requirements which GGNs are suitable for which customer(s), and vice versa if a GGN turns out to be unsuitable.

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