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Blue10 helps organizations with cloud software to automate administrative processes, such as the digital processing of purchase and sales invoices, packing slips and receipts. Blue10 automates, checks and provides context in the administrative processes of your organization. That makes Blue10 the ideal assistant for financial administration.

With Blue10 booking documents (invoices, packing slips and receipts) come together in one system. Cost-related invoices can be booked directly from Blue10 and blocked for payment in the financial system. Order-related invoices are registered as an invoice header in GreenCommerce. From GreenCommerce, Blue10 receives a match or no match. If there is a match, Blue10 receives the booking line from GreenCommerce and the booking is processed seamlessly in the financial administration. If there is no match, you first send the invoice to the responsible person for verification. All invoices can be easily circulated in the organization for the desired approval and can be found quickly and easily in the digital archive. With Blue10 you always have insight into your administration.

Blue10 offers a seamless integration with GreenCommerce consisting of:

  • Processing of paper, digital (PDF) and electronic (UBL) purchase invoices;

  • Ability to automatically link packing slips to purchase invoices;

  • Booking invoices and blocking and unblocking invoices for payment from Blue10 in the financial system;

  • Exchange of master data such as creditors, general ledger accounts and other booking details, payment conditions, maturity and payment dates and posted invoice lines from the financial system;

  • Register order-related invoices as an invoice header in GreenCommerce;

  • Match / no match notification received from Greencommerce;

  • Receipt of coding rules from GreenCommerce and supplying coding rules from GreenCommerce for booking in the financial system;

  • Flexible approval flow for sending, checking and approving invoices in the organization that runs alongside GreenCommerce and the financial system. You do not need additional user licenses in

  • GreenCommerce and the financial system to use Blue10;

  • Possibility to send invoices based on supplier, project and / or cost center;

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Blue10 is connected to the fresh produce software GreenCommerce

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