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Take-off in digitization with GreenCommerce Apps

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap   op  20 July 2022

This article is written exclusively for the PRIMEUR; the journal for the fresh produce trade

The fresh produce industry is constantly changing. We see more and more innovations being developed. One slightly better than the other, but all with one goal in mind: to lift the agricultural industry to a higher level. jem-id shares this thought. The company develops software for the fresh produce and horticulture industry, whereby maintaining the Dutch top position in the industry is the company's main motivation. In conversation with Martijn van Andel, one of the founders of jem-id, we find out which trends in the field of digitization we should keep an eye on.

“It's either getting ahead or lagging behind,” Martijn van Andel begins: “The sector is currently going through a transformation. Trends such as scaling up, specialization and transparency of the supply chain are becoming increasingly relevant. It is crucial for us to respond to this.” Martijn is referring here to their new fresh produce concept; the GreenCommerce Apps. GreenCommerce Apps offers the possibility to have access to commercial and quality processes in a simple, accessible way. “Because we see that our customers are increasingly moving towards specialist activities, we felt that our software should also match this. We make this available with the GreenCommerce Apps, because users can choose themselves which Apps they want to use.”

Martijn van Andel, co-owner of jem-id

Various apps are being developed, each with its own focus area, but which fully work together via one solution. Think of it as different puzzle pieces that fit together exactly, but also form a whole separately. Currently, the focus is on the Quality Control (QC) App, for which a pilot project was recently started. Rick van der Waal, inspector at Quality Produce International (QPI), was one of the test users: “jem-id had asked us to participate in the pilot for the QC App and we were immediately open to this. At QPI we participate more often in these kinds of projects because we find it important to keep up with the times. We consider it necessary to respond to innovations and improvements to keep the company growing.” QPI uses a recognized standard for food safety and has traceability from source to mouth. The increasing focus on food safety and associated quality processes means that more and more information must be available; from producers to customers. Rick: “The QC App is an efficient inspection report maker. The pilot is progressing positively; communication is good and our feedback is taken seriously. We had some good feedback points for jem-id which, except for just one point, have already been picked up. We certainly see a future in this.”

Martijn continues: “The Apps are smaller, more flexible and easier to replace than large, comprehensive Windows applications. Because each App has its own focus area, we can develop and release separately. This ensures minimal dependency between the Apps, allowing us to switch quickly. In this way, we hope to be able to better support the industry during this transformation.”

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