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Direct insight into future developments via the brand new GreenCommerce roadmap

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  19 January 2023

At the beginning of this year, the brand new roadmap for fresh produce software GreenCommerce went live. The roadmap offers current GreenCommerce users more insight into future developments that are planned for 2023. The roadmap contains a combination of innovative, impactful and necessary developments that take into account all target groups within the fresh produce industry.

Developments in the market follow each other in a rapid pace. Trends such as scaling up, globalization and internationalization ensure that fresh produce companies grow at a rapid pace. In addition, trends in the field of food safety, social responsibility and sustainability mean that companies must continue to adapt themselves in order to comply with laws and regulations, among other things. “In order to jump on this trend and to be able to anticipate changes to come, we have started following a roadmap since 2021.” starts Robin van den Broek, Development & Product Strategy at jem-id.

Why a roadmap
“In 2021, we launched a roadmap for GreenCommerce for the first time. We noticed that customers were not always aware of the things that were being developed. That also made sense. Because new developments do not always affect all target groups and this was often only communicated afterwards, the misconception arose that little was happening. In reality, those were precisely the busy periods because we were busy with large projects or implementations.” continues Jeroen Nibbering, Product Owner at jem-id, “The launch of the roadmap has ensured that information is available much more transparently. Customers are more involved than ever in new developments.”

The roadmap for 2023 is again divided into quarters, with 4 different themes playing the leading role. Within the themes, topics are described with a clear timeline. As a result, it is clear to customers at what time which topics will be worked on.

Featured topics
For the first half of the year, the topics Warehouse information provision and an Online service portal are planned, among other things. With the Warehouse information provision, users get real-time insight into the status of various logistics activities at a glance by digital displays in the workplace. This includes information about, for example, picking progress for shipments, dock planning, production status and, in the future, also cell occupancy. In this way, various information can be shared in an easy way. Drivers would be able to immediately see which dock they would be allowed to go to without disturbing the staff in the warehouse office with questions.

Furthermore, the first version of a service portal will be delivered in the second quarter, with the focus on the service providers target group. They will be able to collaborate digitally with clients on important logistics processes via an online channel.

View the full roadmap and associated topics via the following link:

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