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Daily Fresh Radish can better coordinate sales and production through insight into data from GreenCommerce


About Daily Fresh
Brothers John and Dennis Grootscholten are specialized in growing and processing fresh radishes every day in all kinds of different packaging. The range consists of bunch radish, individual radish and specialties such as white tip radish, white radish and icicles. Dennis Grootscholten is mainly concerned with cultivation and planning and John Grootscholten and Rik Hofland with sales. Customers are mainly exporters and some retailers. Products can already be packaged for customers. The organization uses GreenCommerce and nowadays also the linked Datawarehouse package to gain more insight into their commercial and financial data.

Work more efficiently through GreenCommerce
Before Daily Fresh Radish worked with GreenCommerce, everything was passed on by speech and written on notes. At the time, invoicing was also done manually. All in all, this could be time-consuming and error-prone. For more than 10 years they have been entering daily orders via GreenCommerce that are checked out at the workplace and then shipped. In addition, invoicing takes place via the software, which is linked to the Exact accounting package. Dennis is enthusiastic about the software: ''The package is great and works well for what we do. The work is better and fewer mistakes are made. The customer service is also good; if I have a question, I call or email and there is always an answer."

Future proof development

GreenCommerce Apps
Recently, Daily Fresh Radish started using GreenCommerce Apps. This allows them to check and view their commercial information without having to physically sit in front of their PC on which GreenCommerce is installed. With the Apps they have access to their commercial information everywhere, easily via their smartphone.

Making more use of valuable data in the future.
Recently Daily Fresh Radish also uses the Datawarehouse package from GreenCommerce. With this package you can use Microsoft's Power BI. This is a tool that converts data from GreenCommerce into clear reports and dashboards. With Power BI, companies such as Daily Fresh Radish are able to quickly and easily make comparisons and gain insight into the data that they themselves register in GreenCommerce on a daily basis. GreenCommerce offers a preset set in Microsoft's Power BI, after which you can adjust or expand these dashboards entirely to your own liking. “Previously, we weren't sure how much product we needed to have available in certain weeks, but the sales data means we can now pull up this information. We currently have more insight into our data, which allows us to better match production to demand," says Dennis.

Rik is also enthusiastic about the possibilities that are currently being used via Power BI. “It is a simplification of the Excel files we used to work with. Results are much faster and easier to retrieve via Power BI.”
In addition, there are many options for using the data, such as purchasing and selling prices, but also questions such as: 'What quantities were sold last year? And what numbers of these were through contracts? 'How much was purchased in previous years, when, where and at what cost?' And questions such as: 'Should we sow more or fewer specialties based on the numbers sold in previous years?' are answered by the tool.

The brothers are proud of the company and the efficient way of working and hope to do even more with their existing GreenCommerce data in the future.

More information
Would you like more information about GreenCommerce or the Datawarehouse package? Please contact remco@jem-id.nl


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