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Video: What is the difference between the Transport App and the WMS App?

Gepost door  Jill van der Knaap  op  5 July 2023

With the GreenCommerce Apps we strive to automate processes for every chain within a fresh produce company. Because developments are going fast and new Apps are being delivered quickly, we understand that you may not fully know which Apps are of interest to you. In this video we give a view of the difference between the Transport App and the WMS App. Because although both Apps improve the order picking process at fresh produce companies, they still serve a different target group.

Transport App vs. WMS App
The Transport App focuses on organizing inbound transport and simple order picking based on batch registration. By giving order pickers options to complete an action list and keep track of updates via an online App, the logistics process is organized much more efficiently. The Transport App is an accessible addition to the current working method and therefore offers more insight.

The WMS App is an extensive application for companies that have their own or external warehouse and work on the basis of pallet registration. The WMS App is an application in which order pickers are digitally controlled by means of tablets or smartphones during the order picking and inventory process. It offers the opportunity to give fresh produce warehouses a completely new structure, whereby spaces and/or (sub) locations can be arranged much more efficiently. The WMS App is directly connected to GreenCommerce, making information available in real time for both the order picker and the person who releases the pick lists at the office.

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