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IQ Packing Hazeldonk further expands with GreenCommerce to Waddinxveen.


Hazeldonk, June 30, 2022
It is becoming increasingly important to set up business processes functionally, this also applies for IQ Packing. GreenCommerce ensures that all relevant business processes at the office and in the warehouse can be handled efficiently. This gives IQ Packing Hazeldonk full insight so that they can focus on their expertise; packing. In the second quarter of 2022, the implementation of GreenCommerce will start at the location of IQ Packing Waddinxveen.

Choice software package for automation
IQ Packing specializes in packing, repacking and packaging services to companies throughout Europe; in the Netherlands mostly to retail, supermarkets and wholesalers, outside the borders to chain stores and import companies. The most diverse packaging machines are located in conditioned warehouses with a total surface area of ​​13000+ square meters (2x 5000+ m2 Waddinxveen and 3000 m2 Hazeldonk). "We were looking for suitable software for our locations and we chose GreenCommerce because it best suits our company," says Barry Bondt (Commercial Manager - IQ Packing). The software is now running in Hazeldonk and the implementation in Waddinxveen will start in 2022.

Insight and grip through automation software and the WMS App, previously ELMO (Easy Logistics Mobile Operations)
IQ Packing Hazeldonk uses GreenCommerce for purchasing and sales, stock management, production and transport planning. The warehouse is controlled and orders are processed via the system. There is perfect insight into the real-time progress of the order.

At this location, the order picking is paperless and online via the WMS App, previously ELMO (Easy Logistics Mobile Operations), whereby the necessary order picking information from the office is linked in real-time to the warehouse.
IQ Packing is also able to maintain total control over the packaging materials (pallet stock). Because the organization provides services for third parties, they have also chosen to work via the service package (handling) of GreenCommerce, with which they can record services and materials used and charge them to the relevant external parties. The booked services are invoiced to owners and can be found itemized per batch.

Good guidance during the implementation process
''We have started implementing GreenCommerce at our location in Hazeldonk. This location has been in existence since 2010 and, in addition to the normal packing, repacking and packaging activities, it is particularly specialized in packing, repacking and packaging soft fruit. We are very satisfied with the course of the implementation process. Before and during this phase we had good contact with the specialists at JEM-id. We received good guidance and switching was done quickly. We are therefore looking forward to being able to start with GreenCommerce at our location in Waddinxveen," says Bondt.

Do you want a demo or do you have any questions?
Contact us for a demo at your location or drop by for a cup of coffee to see GreenCommerce and WMS ELMO in action. For questions you can email or call Remco Koornhof via or 0174 - 64 26 22. 


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