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BE Fresh Produce continues to innovate together with GreenCommerce in the field of digital order picking, digital message exchange and GreenCommerce Apps


About BE Fresh Produce
BE Fresh Produce is a total supplier of high quality fruit and vegetables. Clients include chefs, importers, wholesalers and food & beverage managers in hotels and restaurants around the world. The company was founded in 2010 by Ard and Hans Bergwerff.

According to BE Fresh, lifestyle changes will take place in the coming years, whereby people remain fit and vital on the basis of healthy food. Fruits and vegetables ohave an enormously important position in this matter. It is therefore their mission to introduce people worldwide to the health benefits of fruit and vegetables, to make them enthusiastic and to take up the challenge of changing their lifestyle through healthy food.

Due to the rapid growth of the organization, it is important to keep control on daily business processes and GreenCommerce has become indispensable in this regard.

Registration of purchasing, sales, stock and aviation documents (e-CertNL)
BE Fresh started with GreenCommerce right from the start. Almost all products are exported outside the EU. That is why they use a link with the KCB, which makes it easy for them to arrange export shipment documents such as a phytosanitary and / or KCB document. BE Fresh also has a link with a financial package, which makes financial administration efficient.

"We chose GreenCommerce because this is a software package where, among other things, air freight can be properly arranged and we can easily send price lists. GreenCommerce especially gives us convenience in our daily work, such as registering purchasing-, sales-, stock- and aviation documents, via e-CertNL. The package is essential for our working day, especially for order registration. It is a nice, user-friendly and accessible package, which is easy to learn," said Ruud van Zanten.

Online order picking via the WMS App
Via the WMS App (which is directly linked to GreenCommerce), paper pick lists for BE Fresh have become unnecessary. With the App, the order picking process in the BE Fresh warehouse is fully automated and controlled via mobile devices such as tablets and telephones, but also via desktops. Pick lists can be assigned to specific order pickers from GreenCommerce, so that only these pick list(s) will end up in the order picker's screen. Any changes can be made directly from the office and the order picker will immediately receive a notification on his screen.

Thanks to feedback from the end users, a constructive collaboration has resulted in an optimized application that matches the work in the warehouse.

Future proof development

How do you see the future as a company?
"Positive, as befits our mission and vision. Especially given the current world problem, people are already more aware of the effects of a healthy diet and it is great that we can contribute to this," said Van Zanten. The strength of the company lies, among other things, in the organization and the employees. By developing the employees, an organization has been created that is always able to set new goals and grow accordingly.

Examples of new software developments that contribute to the development and growth of BE Fresh are, for example, WMS App, FreshBabel and GreenCommerce Apps.

WMS optimization via the WMS App
BE Fresh used TruckTerminal, the predecessor of the WMS App, and started pallet registration and digital order picking via the WMS App in 2019. The most important thing about this WMS is the clarity of work orders and the user-friendliness with which the application can be operated on different devices.
Additional functionalities around stock management were added. One of the starting points here is that the activities that are carried out on the working field can be processed with the WMS App on a mobile device. This option offers the company a lot of added value.

Efficiency through digital link with other companies via FreshBabel
Because BE Fresh has a FreshBabel connection with fellow GreenCommerce user Koppert Cress, there is no longer any need to manually enter purchase / sales prices. In the future, the company would also like to digitally link with other companies so that orders (and any additional processing) no longer have to be retyped.

Sales and Purchase App apps
BE Fresh is one of the first pilot users of the Sales App. The app helps their sellers to quickly view and enter orders, regardless of whether they are at their PC. Orders can also be quickly filtered, confirmed and checked. Peiman Diepenhorst from BE Fresh has tested intensively with the Sales App during the pilot: “It is great that with the Sales App we always have availability to information in GreenCommerce. I find it convenient that we can now check proformas outside working hours, because this could normally only be done behind a PC. Sometimes we receive an additional order or a small change on Saturday that I can quickly adjust via the app on my phone so that everything is correct on Monday morning. Being able to quickly make small changes to orders makes it very accessible to work with the app. ”
In addition to the developments for the Sales App, purchasing functionalities have also been added in the new Purchase App. This app focuses on the purchasing process for fresh produce companies. "The ability to change items and item codes on the purchasing side through the Purchase App is a nice addition to GreenCommerce Apps." said Peiman.

Last but not least: Work hard and have fun
It must be fun, then the rest will follow. Ruud van Zanten is proud of the organization: "We work hard, but also have a lot of fun and are also a serious player in the market. Fun is the foundation of the organization. We work with a positive mindset. We celebrate successes and share positive results to inspire each other. ''


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