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Renewed IT landscape offers Looye Kwekers new opportunities

Gepost door  Ellen Samwel   op  4 October 2022

Photo f.l.t.r.: Robin van den Broek (jem-id), Chakir Akachit, Michael van den Bos and Mervyn Noordam (Looye Kwekers).

Recently, Looye Kwekers, in collaboration with jem-id, Nitea and other software partners, has completed a successful process for the renewal of the IT landscape. The starting point is that it is important to make 'flexibility' an important part of the new landscape to be realised. Systems must be able to link well with each other, but not be dependent on each other. After all, there is a great need to be able to respond quickly to new developments in the market, in the sector or in technology - flexibility in IT solutions is an essential part of this.

Reason and result
In order to be able to continue to grow and professionalize as a company, Looye Kwekers described how the IT landscape should be organized in order to achieve the strategic goals. After discussions with various potential partners, the choice was made to go for a total solution in which sector-specific applications are used where they add the most value. An important condition for this is that the applications integrate easily with each other and ensure communication where this is necessary. The intended total solution must therefore offer much more added value than a standard ERP package, partly because the amount of customization is kept to a minimum. Chakir Akachit (IT Manager - Looye Kwekers): ''After a number of conversations with jem-id and the new structure they outlined for us, GreenCommerce was chosen, among others. The situation sketch by jem-id showed that a link between different departments was essential for us." inside the organisation. The processes surrounding production, repacking and packaging, and loading are supported by Work IT Packaging and Viscon, whereby the realized results are presented to GreenCommerce for processing. Ultimately, the total solution now offers full insight into tracking information in both Work IT and GreenCommerce, laying a good foundation for further integrations with customers, among others.

Integration GreenCommerce and Work IT
Because the communication between GreenCommerce and Work IT is set up at logical moments in the processes, users experience a lot of added value. The technical solutions are designed in such a way that changes are immediately visible to the employees who need them.
Robin van den Broek (product development at jem-id) was closely involved in the process: “The aim was to set up a structure with sector-specific solutions that work well with each other but are not dependent on each other. The connection between GreenCommerce and Work IT is separate from both systems and uses the available APIs to facilitate communication. Both systems can now be further developed independently, which is of great added value and offers flexibility.”
Chakir Akachit is enthusiastic: “The implementation of the project was structured and was rolled out in phases. jem-id listened carefully to the complete story, which resulted in the right solution. I am satisfied with the pleasant cooperation, especially because of the professional way of communication and the exceptionally strong insight. We would 100% recommend GreenCommerce commercially. It is a stable and reliable package that can be flexibly connected with other applications. Thanks to modern software, we are future-proof.”

Now that the first innovations have taken place, we are already looking ahead at the next steps that can be taken. For example, the integration between GreenCommerce and the financial package will be renewed in the short term to ensure a more efficient way of communication between the commerce and finance departments. In addition, the plan is to further expand the existing digital connections with customers so that as many customers as possible can submit orders digitally.

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