GreenCommerce for importers

Importers are usually active in the area of purchasing and require a clear schedule and a good overview on stock positions. GreenCommerce is equipped with specific features to meet these demands.

In addition to a clear overview on purchases, accurate positions of stock and a variety of options for production and sales, the module specifically targeted at importers is very interesting. This module allows you, by means of an organized container-planning and a “conflicts screen”, to quickly anticipate on fluctuations in delivery and continuously maintain a clear overview of your logistics process. Aside from that options regarding commission sales and reporting back the obtained sales results are commonly used by importers.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same system
Available in multiple languages

The key benefits

Purchase and sales

The sales- and purchase processes belong to the core of GreenCommerce. Especially the account sales elements are highly valued by importers. After goods have been sold, whether partly or whole, the purchase price can be calculated and paid to the supplier. Aside from that, warehouse administration is an element that provides you with a clear overview of the transit and cleared goods based on stock positions.

Purchase results

For every purchase order and batch a clear overview is given of the obtained results, costs and revenues. Aside from a clear overview per order, it is also interesting to zoom-in per batch in order to analyze specific groups of articles. For every batch its complete sequence can be illustrated which allows you to easily see in which areas the highest results are obtained.                                                                                            


GreenCommerce offers a wide variety of functionalities for domestic- and foreign transport.

Insight in the stock positions on different locations, effectively panning incoming- and outgoing transport and digital communication with transporters are among the widely used elements and allow for a calmer, more transparent process.


Also useful as importer

Martijn van Andel

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Euro West

GreenCommerce enables us to quickly gain insight into our traceability.

Stefan van Marrewijk

I enjoy working with the system since it's very accurate and user-friendly. Our complete process runs through GreenCommerce. We especially value the way the cost registration works on both small and large scale. It gives us a reassuring feeling to know that the correct price is used throughout the entire franchise. Due to the hands-on mentality at JEM-id they are quick to act in case of questions or malfunctions.

Sjaak Oosthoek