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GreenCommerce for importers

Importers are usually active in the area of purchasing and require a clear schedule and a good overview on stock positions. GreenCommerce is equipped with specific features to meet these demands.

In addition to a clear overview on purchases, accurate positions of stock and a variety of options for production and sales, the module specifically targeted at importers is very interesting. This module allows you, by means of an organized container-planning and a “conflicts screen”, to quickly anticipate on fluctuations in delivery and continuously maintain a clear overview of your logistics process. Aside from that options regarding commission sales and reporting back the obtained sales results are commonly used by importers.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same system
Available in multiple languages

The key benefits

Purchase and sales

The sales- and purchase processes belong to the core of GreenCommerce. Especially the account sales elements are highly valued by importers. After goods have been sold, whether partly or whole, the purchase price can be calculated and paid to the supplier. Aside from that, warehouse administration is an element that provides you with a clear overview of the transit and cleared goods based on stock positions.

Purchase results

For every purchase order and batch a clear overview is given of the obtained results, costs and revenues. Aside from a clear overview per order, it is also interesting to zoom-in per batch in order to analyze specific groups of articles. For every batch its complete sequence can be illustrated which allows you to easily see in which areas the highest results are obtained.                                                                                            


GreenCommerce offers a wide variety of functionalities for domestic- and foreign transport.

Insight in the stock positions on different locations, effectively panning incoming- and outgoing transport and digital communication with transporters are among the widely used elements and allow for a calmer, more transparent process.


Also useful for importers


Get overview in financial and commercial situations by turning valuable data into informative overviews and reports


  • Clear insight in commercial and financial situations by creating dashboards with graphs that you can customize yourself
  • Fast availability of data, without delays in your GreenCommerce
  • Data is extracted from GreenCommerce, converted and then loaded into a model. It offers the possibility to work with e.g. PowerBI

Digital communication

Exchange of digital messages about orders, deliveries, invoices, etc. with trading partners, made available by FreshBabel Messenger


  • Ability to compile Excel templates that can be used to import purchase- and sales orders
  • Ability to load XML files and convert them to purchase- and sales orders
  • A link with FreshBabel Messenger that ensures that messages about orders, shipments, transport etc. are digitally loaded into your own system


Get full insight into your packaging stock; both at your own location as well as external locations


  • Easy processing of elements that are not purchased but delivered without value
  • Inventory registration based on FIFO bookings
  • Keeping up with outstanding balances of specific elements at the location of suppliers, customers and transporters

External locations

Get a grip on administrative stock by using the accelerated handling of detours and shipments


  • Multiple locations to create a separation in inventories
  • Easy administration as sales processes run automatically
  • By selecting multiple detours, it is possible to confirm delivery of multiple orders in one go

Financial advanced

Get full insight into costs and cost distribution during a purchase or sale


  • A link to Blue10
  • Detailed invoice information from a purchase or sale that can be loaded into your own financial package
  • Accepts connections with Twinfield, Exact, Exact Online, Opera, AccountView, MultiVers, King and Quadra


Record important inspectation information per pallet or batch via this app


  • Ensures great traceability options, as the inspection reports are immediately visible
  • Ensures easy inspection processes since one or more photos can be added to the report
  • Pallet information can be requested by using scanners or by manually entering the barcode


Monitor the entire preliminary process of containers (from shipment to unloading). Manage them and respond to changes


  • Record source information such as pallet- and GLN numbers but also grower information
  • Full warehouse administration with the possibility to resell or confirm transit products
  • An extensive conflict overview where the impact of delayed deliveries is immediately visible

Logistics advanced

Reserve items for production or different locations and pick your orders, quickly, easily and paperless


  • Work flexible and save time since changes in order picking are real-time visible in the warehouse
  • Work faster and error-free as paper disappears from the warehouse
  • Reserve items to manage your production department with product that may be used, so that your own stock remains stable


Work easily with multiple businesses side by side in one system, where the administration is completely separate


  • The administration of all companies can be divided per company, so that you can work perfectly next to each other
  • Master data are company-specific so that you can use your own products or products that are shared between multiple companies
  • Orders can be "placed at the other", which automatically creates a purchase order at the other company

Purchase advanced

Control and get insight into achieved purchase results, purchase invoices and easily purchase on commision


  • Extensive statements of incurred costs and revenues
  • Advanced statement-screens that provide insight into results per purchase order and batch
  • Possibillity to import and process standard Excel and XML files

Quality and control

Manage product quality such as complaint registration, date codes, customer- and supplier certificates and create an overview both for internal use as for customers


  • Overview of all registered complaints with links to the other parties involved
  • Data can be converted into reports to improve the quality and service of the organization
  • The templates of the date codes can be filled in and saved as standard per customer incl. different languages

Sales advanced

Create more insight into sales from stocks, prices, results and supplier shares


  • Possible to create sales orders from future stock directly
  • Send customer information and item-specific price lists directly from GreenCommerce
  • High traceability of the share of a supplier in case of a purchasing order


Process automatically waste- and packaging taxes in your sales administration


  • Saves time because taxes are processed automatically
  • Waste and packaging taxes are client specific
  • Tax can be found on the invoice via a separate line or is processed in the colli prices


Translate GreenCommerce for your international colleagues


  • Work more efficiëntly when multiple nationalities within a company work in the same system
  • English already available, other languages in consultation


Share real-time communication with transporters


  • Optimization in the cooperation between carriers and clients by sharing information with each other
  • The transportal is online and therefore always available by any device
  • As a transporter you import transport orders automatically (no more manual typing needed)
Martijn van Andel

Want to gain more from your processes?

I am here to help you!



CarSol Europe B.V.

We chose GreenCommerce because of the possibility to properly process production activities. In addition, traceability is important to us, we want to be able to trace where something comes from, what is consumed and where it goes to, this is possible via the software. Another advantage is that JEM-id is a Dutch company, which makes contact moments on location easy to organize, such as support and training.

Harro van Dam

I enjoy working with the system since it's very accurate and user-friendly. Our complete process runs through GreenCommerce. We especially value the way the cost registration works on both small and large scale. It gives us a reassuring feeling to know that the correct price is used throughout the entire franchise. Due to the hands-on mentality at JEM-id they are quick to act in case of questions or malfunctions.

Sjaak Oosthoek

We have specialists like GreenCommerce around us that make us feel very comfortable, so that no matter what happens in the coming years, we can always find an answer.

Eric Brückner

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