GreenCommerce for exporters

Exporters are sales driven and often start their process from this perspective. Insightful real-time stock, clear sales results and digital communication with customers (EDI) belong to the most important functionalities. 

GreenCommerce adds to the main activities of exporters: a clear sales process fitted with digital communication, on top of a real-time and accurate inventory. Additionally, a clear overview of the realised operating results are displayed per order. Any demands regarding the quality of the products are easily covered with the integrated track-and trace features. Is your customer still experiencing problems? Then this is easily documented by means of the complaints administration.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: Allows for several companies in the same package
Available in multiple languages

The key benefits

Purchase and sales

The purchase and sales processes belong to the core of GreenCommerce. The system allows for the processing of normal orders as well as, for example, commissions, transits or handling.

Using this system allows you to, for example, sell directly from your existing stock or use your planning to quickly carry out your orders for purchase or production.

Operating results

The operating results of both orders and specific batches can be made fully insightful. Valuable commercial information, such as cost prices, revenues and results on purchase, production, transport and sales are self-explanatory and easily monitored.


GreenCommerce offers a wide variety of functionalities for domestic- and foreign transport.

Insight in the stock positions at different locations, effectively panning incoming- and outgoing transport and digital communication with transporters are among the widely used elements and allow for a more transparent logistic process.

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BE Fresh Produce BV

I have been working with GreenCommerce for a long time and we have completely altered the package to our needs. To us this has proven to be an ideal solution, a good example of this is the way we can use our own price lists. The user-friendliness that GreenCommerce offers has been part of the reason our company has grown.

Hans Bergwerff
Zijtwende BV

Due to the constant development of GreenCommerce it seems like we are always one step ahead on the demand of the customer.

Cor Keijzer