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The GreenCommerce WMS App enables you to digitize some of the work in a warehouse in a simple and user-friendly way. For example, you as a company can take the step towards paperless working by controlling the order picking and stock process completely digitally, but also further digitize the process of goods receipt, for example. The App is easy to set up and install on tablets, phones or a desktop.

The real-time information provision and integrated push communication enable you to take immediate action in the event of changes in orders or assignments. Every action performed by an employee is immediately recorded in the systems. In this way, every interested user is also immediately aware of the progress of orders and assignments in GreenCommerce.

Because pick lists can be specifically linked to users, order pickers have access to a personalized task list. In addition, there are options available to activate specific extra functionalities per user, so that users can see exactly what they may have access to.

Does your company process a large number of pallets and do you prefer to work with scanners? This is also one of the options with which bluetooth scanners can be connected to your device (phone or tablet). By means of simple scan actions, the entry of, for example, a pallet number or sub-location can be automated. Fast, simple and the margin of error goes down immediately.

Want to know exactly where stock is and in what composition? Then the functionality to locate pallets is what you are looking for. In various processes it is possible to provide pallets with pallet locations, which are then used in smart suggestions to guide order pickers to the right physical locations. For example, searching for stock in the warehouse is a thing of the past and order pickers can be controlled better and more specifically.

In the future, the process of supplementing order picking squares in order to be able to organize the order picking process even more optimally is one of the potential topics that are being considered. Another interesting direction is that of fully task-driven working, where selection algorithms determine which pallets are most suitable for moving for outbound and re-packing.

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