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Roadmap subject: Supply chain management

The roadmap for 2023 is live. After a number of intensive brainstorming sessions, 4 themes have been formulated that we will work towards with GreenCommerce. These themes form the basis for developments that will be made / will go live in 2023. As a user, you will not only gain insight into the developments that have been made, but you will also get a view of future developments and the corresponding period.

Supply chain management is one of the main topics on the agenda for 2023. Topics such as tracing and food safety are becoming increasingly important for fresh produce companies.

Topics to integrate industry standards as well as possible within GreenCommerce and GreenXchange are on the agenda for 2023. We will also delve into what the market of external suppliers looks like. To ensure this, pro-active contact will be sought with parties that strive for such standards, such as GS1 and GLOBAL G.A.P.

Future developments are highlighted on the roadmap page. A selection of these topics concerns:

  • Efficient integration of industry standards in GreenCommerce and GreenXchange
  • Research into opportunities in new markets for GreenXchange
  • Creating structural solutions for sales & operations planning problems

Visit the roadmap page for regular updates on this theme.

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