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Roadmap subject: Quality Assurance

The roadmap for 2022 is live. After a number of intensive brainstorming sessions, 4 themes have been formulated that we will work towards with GreenCommerce. These themes form the basis for developments that will be made / will go live in 2022. As a user, you will not only gain insight into the developments that have been made, but you will also get a view of future developments and the corresponding period.

Quality Assurance, or quality assurance, is one of the main themes on the agenda for 2022. Being able to meet the requirements regarding certifications and specific source information is becoming increasingly difficult, but also increasingly important for fresh produce companies. The increasing focus on food safety and associated quality processes means that more and more information must be available; from producers to customers.

Internally, more attention is being paid to certifications, partly due to the requirements from the market, but also to distinguish itself from the competition.

Within the Quality Assurance theme, various topics can be highlighted where interesting interfaces for GreenCommerce arise. Because there are different quality principles present in GreenCommerce, it should be easier for our users to get checked / audited for certifications such as Global GAP, IFS, BRC, SkAL, PlanetProof, QC, etc.

Future developments are highlighted on the roadmap page. A selection of these topics concerns:

  • Management of supplier certifications.
  • Controlling customer requirements in the field of certifications and producers (GGN, growers)
  • Insight into MRLs, residue analyses, qualitative aspects of batches and stock.
  • More extensive requirements in the field of quality checks during physical inspections of products (e.g. re-inspection)
  • Structured presence of control processes for incoming and outgoing goods flows.
  • Structure and handling of complaints from customers and towards suppliers.
  • Integrating qualitative inspection data from suppliers/producers/… in our own business processes.

Visit the roadmap page for regular updates on this theme.

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