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Roadmap subject: Infrastructure & technology

The roadmap for 2023 is live. After a number of intensive brainstorming sessions, 4 themes have been formulated that we will work towards with GreenCommerce. These themes form the basis for developments that will be made / will go live in 2023. As a user, you will not only gain insight into the developments that have been made, but you will also get a glimpse of future developments and the corresponding period.

The subject 'Infrastructure & technology' is one of the main themes on the agenda for 2023. In fact, this theme sheds light on the technical background. To create new functionalities or perform updates, a large piece of infrastructure and technology is crucial.

Future developments are highlighted on the roadmap page. A selection of these topics concerns:

  • Launch of a brand new GreenCommerce App; Transport App
  • Development of clear displays with real-time information about the status of various logistics activities
  • Further automating and digitizing recurring (internal) actions
  • Developing a task-driven solution for order picking

Visit the roadmap page for regular updates on this theme.

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