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Clear data overviews with Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards

Data is the new fuel for most businesses. Those who retrieve the right data and know how to use it correctly, will find meaningful overviews that could lead to cost reductions and faster working methods. With help of the ‘Datawarehouse package’ or the new Lite-version of this package, GreenCommerce data will be clearly visualised in dashboards and reports. Businesses can easily choose the right path based on this information.

Trustworthy data
For financial and commercial departments, data is very important. By using the right data, businesses can adjust perfectly to the needs of their customers. In order for Business Intelligence (BI) tools to make use of GreenCommerce data, there has been developed a separate environment where users can work on. It is essential to get access to trustworthy data without it interfering with, or slowing down the daily working processes. You can choose to either assemble your own dashboards, hire an external party that will do this for you or make use of the standard dashboards that JEM-id already have developed. Either option; a good basis is crucial.

Bastiaan Bouwman of Looye Growers uses the Datawarehouse package for quite some time now: “We have been involved with the developments of the Datawarehouse package since the beginning. It offers us the possibility to create our own reports in Power BI and it provides us better insights than just Excel. Our management can see the bigger picture and the account managers have better insight into the incoming and outgoing flow of money per account. I would recommend the package to other users since it gives you access to relevant information that is stored in GreenCommerce.”

Easy insight
With the Datawarehouse package you are able to quickly and easily compare data and create insight into the data that you register, on a daily basis, into your own GreenCommerce. This can be done by BI tools such as Qlikview, Business Objects etc. or via the the preset that JEM-id has developed in Microsoft’s Power BI. These dashboards can be fully customized to your own liking.

René Kramer of Europe Retail Packing (ERP) is very excited: “We use the Datawarehouse package roughly 3 or 4 months combined with Power BI and I love how it works. The greatest advantage is that we can quickly generate new overviews. With this we can compare prices quicker and set a definitive one, since we have overviews of the previous years. We used to search in purchase orders for this information. We have several packing locations and via this package we can compare the locaties with each other. As there will be more possibilities added in time, we are excited to see what comes next. I would recommend the Datawarehouse package to other businesses in the sector, since information is quickly available.”

Lite version
To introduce the Datawarehouse package to our users, we developed a Lite-version. Users will get insight into different aspects of their sales information. The first three GreenCommerce users that request a lite-version, will immediately be contacted to schedule a date for implementation.

Video tutorial
Please watch this video for further explanation (Dutch).

More information?
Would you like to receive more information about the Datatwarehouse package or do you want a live demonstration of the system in work? Please contact Rene Koene via

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