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Royal Peppers has better insight into stock management, sales and the logistics process

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Royal Peppers works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Waddinxveen, July 20, 2020
Royal Peppers produces a wide range of yellow, green, orange and red bell peppers. By working with the fresh produce software GreenCommerce, they have even better control over stock, traceability and quality assurance. In the future, the company can make better strategic decisions by using a BI tool and communication with customers will be done digitally through the use of FreshBabel.

Insight in stock management and registration of the product
Royal Peppers is the corporate name of the bell pepper nurseries of the Van den Bosch family. The nurseries are located in Bergschenhoek, Bleiswijk, Rilland and Waddinxveen. By joining forces of these different locations, Royal Peppers today produces a wide range of red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers. They have been using the GreenCommerce software package since 2020, which means that they have reliable data that provides good insight into stock management and sales.

Royal Peppers works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Choice for expertise in the fresh produce industry
Royal Peppers started using GreenCommerce in 2020. They use the software to provide insight into current stock and to register sorted products by means of production orders. They also use the package to create sales orders, after which they are scheduled for shipment. This serves as the basis for controlling the logistics department in the warehouse. Delivery receipts and / or CMR documents are made available when handling shipments. In addition, the invoicing is now even better organized by a connection to an accounting software package. For Royal Peppers, this all gives better insight and a lot of structure due to the reliability of the data. "We were looking for a package that would give us better insight into stock management, sales, turnover and the entire logistics process. Within the fresh produce sector, GreenCommerce; this is the proven package. jem-id has a lot of knowledge in the sector and knows exactly which challenges may arise and acts upon that. The specific expertise and the possibility for a rapid implementation were important factors to us when choosing the software package." said Arnoud van den Berge (Manager Finance & Control at Royal Peppers).

Royal Peppers works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Rapid implementation
Royal Peppers had a short period of time available to implement the software. Arnoud van den Berge and Derk van Duijvenboode are very pleased with the process: "The implementation went well and quickly. We had two fixed people of contact and we met alternately on location twice a week, which allowed us to switch quickly and that worked very well for us."

Financial connection toward Exact
Royal peppers uses Exact Online. In order to keep the administration as efficient and accurate as possible, there is a connection between GreenCommerce and this accounting package. This makes it possible to invoice sales orders and export them to Exact Online. This also applies to the purchase invoice (e.g. packaging material), this is processed in GreenCommerce and exported to Exact Online.

Fust registration
Royal Peppers uses different types of fust. These fust are sometimes placed with third parties for day-to-day work, which makes it difficult to keep track of the stock. Royal Peppers registers different types of fust via the fust module of GreenCommerce. This allows them to easily keep stock per element (fust). This gives them insight into the fust used for production orders.

Future proof development

Insight via the Power BI dashboard (through the Datawarehouse package)
Royal Peppers uses the Datawarehouse package. This provides them with valuable insights that can lead to lower costs and faster working methods. With the help of the "Datawarehouse package", GreenCommerce data becomes transparent through reports and dashboards. With the package they are able to quickly and easily make comparisons and gain insight into the data that they themselves register in GreenCommerce every day. This allows Royal Peppers to choose the right course based on clear overviews. To ensure that Business Intelligence (BI) tools can use the data from GreenCommerce, they work on a separate environment that is specially optimized for this, without delaying or jeopardizing important daily activities.

"We have taken the first steps and in the future we want to make more and more use of Power BI, because this will give us even better insight into the data that is available." said Arnoud.

Royal Peppers works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Expand in the future
In the future, Royal Peppers would like to exchange messages via FreshBabel Messenger and connections are also being looked at that will enable them to work even more efficiently.

The possibilities to deploy the connected WMS App are also being examined, with which Royal Peppers is able to pick orders quickly and easily. The WMS App (previously ELMO) is online, so it can be used anywhere and always runs on the latest updates.

Arnoud is proud of the company and sees the future with a positive outlook: "We have just started the season and things are going well. In the future we would also like to expand with a connection to our Aweta sorting line."

"As a company, we are most proud of the fact that we can now facilitate our services to customers even better."

Royal Peppers works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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