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All paper has disappeared from the warehouse at QPI due to the WMS App (previously ELMO)

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Quality Produce International (QPI) works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

De Lier, April 10, 2020
Quality Produce International (QPI) was the first company to work with the WMS App (previously ELMO); the app linked to GreenCommerce, with which the order picking process is done completely digitally. In the warehouse, they work with 20+ tablets every day. From GreenCommerce, specific pick lists are assigned per order picker. Most customers of QPI are from England, but are also located in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. Customers are mainly supermarkets and food catering.

From GreenCommerce, pick lists for outgoing transport and for production orders are classified and assigned to the warehouse employees of QPI. Employees receive a personal and clear overview of the task list assigned to them and can handle it in a user-friendly manner. Via the WMS App, QPI quickly has up-to-date pallet information available and can easily carry out actions such as building, splitting, moving, marking or printing stickers.

"We can no longer work without ELMO.”
The WMS app is mainly used at QPI as a tool to complete all orders or pick lists. As soon as a delivery arrives, it is counted and reported in GreenCommerce. Then, labels are immediately printed and attached to the pallets. The order pickers use the app to complete their pick lists and select which products they pick with the web app. As soon as an order picker has placed all products at the dock and shipped them, the order for the order picker has been finished and he can start with the next one. Eric Toussaint, sales representative at QPI, says: “At first the system was new and everyone had to get used to it. Now we can no longer work without the WMS App. ”

Quality Produce International (QPi) works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

QPI is enthusiastic about using 'destinations' to reserve pallets for customers. They do this by classifying products in advance; based on the orders of tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Within a picking list, the order picker can see for assigned product what the stock status is and what the actual workload for an order picker is. For unallocated product, the suggestion is made to count down FIFO ("First In First Out") stock, given the available pick lists. By using this method, order pickers do not get in each other's way and it prevents them from picking the wrong product. Gerard van Herwerden, general director of QPI, explains: “At the moment everything is much more transparent and the traceability is 100%. No more mistakes are made in the shipments and the stock is up-to-date, which saves us a lot of time.”

Corporate video WMS App (previously ELMO)
Since the implementation of the WMS App in the warehouse of QPI, there has been a major efficiency improvement: “The employee who is responsible for the stock can start an hour later and the warehouse can be managed better, because progress is now clearly visible. All paper has also disappeared from the warehouse. We should have had this a year earlier!" To illustrate what improvements the application has made to QPI, jem-id has developed a corporate video:

Various options within the software package
In addition to the WMS App, QPI also uses various other modules / packages within GreenCommerce. For example, QPI uses the financial connection to Blue10 to process purchase invoices directly in GreenCommerce. They also have a customs service connection via FreshBabel Messenger; this connection allows them to communicate customs declarations to customs agents and carriers via a single button, making customs declarations easier and faster to process in GreenCommerce. The overview below lists the other modules / packages that are used by QPI.

Quality Produce International (QPI) works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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Quality Produce International (QPI) works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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