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The entire process at FruitFactor, from import to sales, is perfectly covered due to GreenCommerce

FruitFactor works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

FruitFactor is an importer and exporter of various types of fruit. In addition to importing fruit, they also sell and package products for supermarket organizations across Europe. Over the years, FruitFactor has mainly specialized in importing avocados, citrus, ginger, pomegranates and table grapes from Chile, China, Israel, Morocco, Peru, India and South Africa. Their core values ​​of passion, integrity, purpose and future-oriented fit perfectly with the vision of the fresh produce software package GreenCommerce. They have been working with GreenCommerce for years to automate their daily processes.

As an importer in the fresh produce industry, the importers' package from GreenCommerce is an indispensable part of the automation process. "I enjoy working with the system, it is accurate and very user-friendly." says Sjaak Oosthoek, responsible for the sales and import of FruitFactor. With the importers' package, FruitFactor has optimal control over, among other things, the transit stock. Transito products can easily be resold or customs cleared in GreenCommerce. Through the extensive conflict screen, FruitFactor has insight into the impact of, for example, delayed deliveries, and can immediately respond to this. In addition, they can fully monitor the preliminary phase of containers, which makes it easy to respond to changes in orders and schedules.

Processing orders from Excel
FruitFactor uses the module to create purchase and sales orders from an Excel file. By using mapping of the columns, it can be indicated which information GreenCommerce should process. A relation link makes it possible to make only one connection between what is in the file and the item in GreenCommerce.

FruitFactor works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Commission purchases
FruitFactor uses commission purchases when they regularly purchase a product group from a supplier. This agreement between supplier and FruitFactor to pay the price at a later date, has been processed in GreenCommerce via a special module to be able to purchase and report back on a commission basis. FruitFactor uses a newer method of accountsale, whereby the cost item of commission purchase is included in the advice feedback price instead of the accountsale. “The entire process runs through GreenCommerce, especially the cost registration part is strong, both with small packaging and the logistics process. We work with the right price throughout the chain, which gives us a feeling of security.” says Sjaak Oosthoek. FruitFactor also uses the Blue10 link to process purchase invoices directly in GreenCommerce and Twinfield supports them in the exchange of purchase and sales invoices.

Multicompany: working with multiple companies in one system
FruitFactor works together with another company in GreenCommerce; Taneks Europe. Taneks Europe (founded in 1997 and part of FruitFactor for several years) exports from Turkey. Via the Multicompany extension in GreenCommerce, the different companies can work side by side in the same system without any problems, while the administration remains completely separate. Because the master data is set up company-specific, own items and items can be used on behalf of several companies. In mutual trade, orders can be "passed on", which automatically creates a purchase order with the other company. Adjustments to these orders can be communicated immediately so that they always work with current information.

FruitFactor works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Future proof development

Message exchange using FreshBabel Messenger
FruitFactor wants to do more in the future with FreshBabel in the field of logistics message exchange. The party with which they want to exchange these messages is their logistics partner Freshgard. At this time, both parties send orders to each other via e-mails, Excel sheets or messages generated from the relevant software package. To accelerate this process, the possibilities of communicating with each other's systems via digital platforms are currently being investigated. Sjaak also says that they recently exchange EDI messages with a Czech retailer via EDI provider Transus: “By thinking about the future and applying efficiency within our company, I believe that with FruitFactor we are ready for the future. In addition, there is a hands-on mentality with jem-id, when there are questions or malfunctions, they act quickly, so that we can switch quickly.”

FruitFactor works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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FruitFactor works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

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