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Easily communicate with retailers and wholesalers via Transus
Most major (and international) retailers or wholesalers demand their suppliers to communicate via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). A large number of retailers are linked to EDI provider Transus. In order to reach retailers as a GreenCommerce user, a connection has been made between FreshBabel Messenger and Transus, making direct connections available to a large number of retailers. Via this link, various EDI messages (such as ORDERS, DESADV and INVOIC) can be automatically read and processed in the system.

To keep the threshold for the use of EDI low, Transus is a user-friendly and inexpensive solution. Transus has a large network of companies in the food and non-food retail. As a result, Transus has a great deal of knowledge of the business processes in these sectors.

In the diagram below, a scenario is outlined to clarify the process:

Scheme explaining FreshBabel Messenger and how it works with GreenCommerce

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