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Europe Retail Packing (ERP) has great insight in purchases and sales through GreenCommerce

Europe Retail Packing works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Europe Retail Packing (ERP) has been a fresh partner for years and full of healthy ideas. They are specialists in packaging, purchasing, logistics services and concepts. In order to ensure that ERP can efficiently handle all relevant business processes in the office and in the warehouse and gain full insight into matters such as purchasing and sales (incl. costs and revenues), stock management, planning, production and transport, they work with GreenCommerce. This method allows them to be flexible by working from multiple locations.

Better control and full insight
Europe Retail Packing (ERP) uses GreenCommerce, among other things, for purchasing and sales, inventory management, production and transport planning. Orders are created and processed via GreenCommerce. It is also perfectly clear what the current progress is of these orders. Keeping stock is essential for companies with a warehouse. By registering at pallet level, ERP is able to maintain total control over the pallet stock, this applies to multiple stock locations. Each pallet has a unique barcode, so that every action can be registered via scanners. ERP, for example, registers per pallet where the product comes from, what happened to the pallet in the warehouse and where the pallet is loaded towards. In this way, there is 24/7 insight into exact details of all pallets that are still in stock. In addition, it is possible for ERP to keep track of production and resource planning for the packaging department through GreenCommerce. Used packaging materials and production costs can be booked directly. In terms of transport, data such as the status of loading is real time visible. This not only makes the work more efficient, but also faster.

Europe Retail Packing works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Work efficiently with multiple locations and companies
ERP has several locations where they carry out their repacking activities and all stocks are available from the main location. Furthermore, ERP works "Multi company"; whereby GreenCommerce facilitates that activities are carried out efficiently from various Ltd.'s for external owners. Via the Multi Company package, the administration can be separated per company so that it is possible to perfectly work alongside and with each other.

Europe Retail Packing works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Flexible working and good management information
Menno Reijgersberg (CEO of Europe Retail Packing) is satisfied with the progress in automation: "GreenCommerce is easy to operate. The advantage is that it is very easy to apply within the organization, which makes us very flexible towards customers. In terms of management information, we can quickly see where the costs and revenues come from, which means that we can work cheaply from a cost-price point of view (for the benefit of our customers).” To visualize the process from cultivation to transport, jem-id has collaborated with ERP and developed a corporate video:

ERP uses the WMS App with which they can easily and digitally pick orders within their warehouse. Real-time insight has been created and changes can be made quickly thanks to push messages.

Menno Reijgersberg is also very enthusiastic about GreenCommerce's Datawarehouse package, where data from GreenCommerce is retrieved and transformed into clear reports and dashboards. "We can view the results of the previous day in the morning and see the sales result per sales order at a glance. Also, any claims are more transparent and comparisons can easily be made with periods such as weeks, months and years; this saves us a lot of time. We are now looking into the possibilities of gaining better insight into production at various repackaging locations, so that we can make comparisons and improve the managing."

Europe Retail Packing works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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