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Greenco gets a better grip on pallet weighing thanks to the development of jem-id

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Greenco, known for its snack tomatoes, among other things, launched a new software package this summer. GreenCommerce provides an even better grip on incoming and outgoing goods flows. In collaboration with jem-id, a development has been made with which pallet weighing can also be optimally managed. The complex implementation has now been successfully completed.

Stefan van Marrewijk en Marvin Scholtes (Greenco)

Photo f.l.t.r. Marvin Scholtes and Stefan van Marrewijk (Greenco)

Choice for jem-id and GreenCommerce
Greenco receives products from various (own) growers that are packed in the warehouse in the desired packaging(s) of the customer(s). The IT system they previously worked with was outdated and no longer met the desired speed and current requirements. Keeping track of the weight of pallets was also a challenge.
Stefan van Marrewijk (Greenco) explains: ''We do not register on the basis of packages, but on kilos, as most customers do. We were looking for software with which we can keep a grip on the incoming and outgoing goods flows with the corresponding pallet weight. We came into contact with jem-id and soon noticed that they could offer a suitable solution with GreenCommerce. After the first conversations, a situation sketch was made after which, after validation, the preparations for the development of pallet weighing started.”

Greenco loods palletwegingen

Insight and grip on daily processes through software use
Insight is currently being created via GreenCommerce in, among other things, tracing products, stocks, sales and associated financial data. With the latest development, growers can be paid because the weight of pallets can be calculated and registered during the inbound, production, stock and outbound process. René Koene (implementation and BI specialist of jem-id) was closely involved in the implementation and new development around pallet weighing. ''After several extensive visits, we mapped out the entire process. We set to work with the findings and developed a structural solution. In collaboration with Greenco, we implemented the development and put it into use. The system is set up in such a way that Greenco is able to manage daily business processes in the most efficient way. An additional advantage is the flexibility of GreenCommerce. Because the software is part of a Best-of-Breed architecture, it can be easily connected to various apps and various (external) software packages, such as a Business Intelligence solution and a financial package."

Greenco palletwegingen Greencommerce software

Implementation and future
Greenco strives to grow as an organization by being able to work more efficiently. They do this, among other things, by using the new IT system. “The implementation was fast and professional. At jem-id we experience knowledge and the distinctive ability to come up with solutions that really help us further. The basis is now in place and we still have wishes that we want to roll out in the future, such as registering and managing the packaging stock that is spread over several locations. In addition, we want to control more based on data via the Datawarehouse solution and Microsoft Power BI; but first things first,'' laughs van Marrewijk.

Tommies, Greenco

Questions or more information?
Please contact Remco Koornhof via or 0174 - 64 26 22.

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