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CarSol Europe has better insight and more control over business processes due to GreenCommerce

CarSol works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Vlaardingen, May 13, 2020
By the end of 2019, the implementation of the fresh produce trading package GreenCommerce at CarSol Europe was successfully completed. The organization mainly uses the software package to gain better insight and to have more control over business processes. By using the software, the company works, among other things, more efficiently in the field of production.

Choice for fresh produce software package
CarSol Europe (grower of blueberries in Chile, Peru and Portugal, with a sales office in the Netherlands) has been working with the fresh produce software package GreenCommerce since the end of 2019. The fresh produce software was developed by jem-id and offers IT solutions to make the business processes of importers, exporters, logistics service providers, packers, trade organizations and packers more efficient. CarSol Europe has grown rapidly and was therefore looking for a user-friendly software package that could support them in their processes. Harro van Dam (CarSol Europe): "The choice fell on GreenCommerce because of the possibility to process production activities properly. In addition, traceability is important to us, we want to be able to trace where something comes from, what is consumed and who it goes to, this is possible via this package. Another advantage is that jem-id is a Dutch company, which makes contact moments on location easy to organize, such as support and training."

CarSol works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Purchasing, sales, inventory management and account sales
Carsol Europe imports blueberries, mainly from its own cultivation companies in Chile, Peru and Portugal. In addition, they work with strategic partner growers. For this they sell products, where the yield of which, after deduction of costs, goes back to the growers. By using importer functionalities such as "batch settlements" (account sales) and purchasing declarations, they have full control and clear insight into the process. With the help of GreenCommerce, the organization can register purchases and sales, manage inventory and process additional invoicing via the connected financial package Exact. For the most part, they outsource all logistics to their logistics partner. The pilot is managed by communicating receipts, repacking and packaging orders and shipments with them and then processing this in GreenCommerce. They expect to be able to do this fully digitally at a later stage.
Harro van Dam has better insights since working with GreenCommerce: "With GreenCommerce we have real-time insight into our stock and we can register commercial processes and packaging quickly and easily. We also use the package for quickly informing our suppliers and customers, such as account sales and documents such as order confirmations. Our costs are also easier and faster to register and control. We can easily create cost reservations and match them with purchase invoices. It ultimately provides a better insight."

CarSol works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Future Proof Development

Digital interconnection between companies and software applications
Using the latest techniques, GreenCommerce provides seamless integration with various apps, office packages, various financial packages and various web applications for growers, suppliers and customers.

CarSol Europe works closely with a logistics partner. Containers arrive at this partner's location and products are stored as stock. Products are then packed or repacked and loaded. In GreenCommerce, CarSol Europe registers the feedback results such as incoming batches, order results and loaded goods.
A first step has already been taken in digital cooperation between both parties by digitizing the financial administrative acts. From now on, the logistics service provider has the option to digitally send invoices for services performed for CarSol Europe. In GreenCommerce, tools are then immediately available to easily process the digital invoices. Checking and handling the various service invoices involves a lot of (manual) work and this interconnection will immediately lead to a great improvement in efficiency. "We want to be able to work smarter in the future and this can be done through digital interconnections via FreshBabel. If we can work more efficiently with logistics partners, for example, we no longer need to enter the same data in two systems." says Harro van Dam.

Management information helps with decision making
Data is starting to play an increasingly important role for many organizations, including for CarSol Europe. With the right data, valuable insights emerge, which can lead to lower costs and faster working methods. With the help of the Datawarehouse package, GreenCommerce data becomes transparent through reports and dashboards in a BI Tool.
jem-id uses Power BI to analyze and organize data. Power BI is a BI Tool that is user-friendly and is nowadays widely used to display such data in a smart and easy manner.
CarSol also uses Power BI and can now make various cross sections through the dashboard of, for example, the result, turnover, (production) costs, revenues, etc. "Because we can quickly retrieve information from the system, it helps us to create better insight and to make the right decisions." says Harro van Dam.

CarSol works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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CarSol works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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