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The Ximenia release is the fourth and last quarterly release of 2022 and therefore also a mandatory version. In this version several new developments have been added for the WMS App. This makes it possible to work with several order pickers simultaneously within a pick list and pallets can be moved quickly by means of one operation. Furthermore, technical improvements have been made in the background to ensure the continuity of the application. Read the release notes for a complete overview:


An Excel import has been developed to create multiple items at the same time. At the moment it is possible to read basic data of items and the associated item elements and item product compositions. It has also been made possible to export existing items based on an export template as an Excel file.

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When planning a pick list, the option has been added to link one or more sub-locations. These sub-locations are made available separately next to the dock sub-location and then also shown in the WMS App. A column has been added in GreenCommerce that shows at a glance which order picking locations are linked to a pick list.

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With effect from this version, updates (in consultation with the system administrator) will be automatically installed for every user within a company, after which the application only needs to be restarted. The status of the application appears at the bottom right of the home screen. Every few minutes an automatic check is made to see if an update is available. If a newer version than the installed version is available, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically in the background. You can postpone the update a maximum of 3 times, with a choice between 5, 30 or 60 minutes.

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Preparations have been made to switch to a newer version of Crystal reports (for all reports and documents (invoice, proforma etc), with the aim of reducing dependency.

An extension has been added to the functionality to schedule a pick list that allows multiple order pickers to be linked to a pick list. This has been implemented for both orders and shipment schedules. As an order picker, you can collaborate with one or more colleagues within the WMS App.

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Elements can be added to a shipment via an extension in the WMS App. A pre-selection can be made by means of element templates.

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An option has been added in the sub-menu to be able to change sublocations of pallet(s). The existing menu item has been removed from the stock menu and is now directly available here. It is extra convenient that it is not a completely new screen, but a pop-up, which guarantees the speed of navigation.

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When releasing a pick list, the option has been added to specify a start and end time for the order picking process. In addition, a new filter has been added to the shipmetn planning screen with which time slots can be filtered. This data has been made available for the WMS App.

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It has been made possible to work with specific batch assignments for some orders and to work without assignments for some orders.

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An extension has been created in the header of the purchase order; here the value of the separately invoiced elements is now also made clear. As a result, the layout of the header has been adjusted. This was necessary to be able to place the fields that belong together close to each other.

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