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The third release of 2022 is named after the Watermelon. The Watermelon release is not a mandatory release. This version focuses on preparing for the next Brexit phase. Phytosanitary checks can easily be made in GreenCommerce and the QC App, which creates a good overview between the various inspections. In addition, developments have been made to accurately record pallet weights by being able to distinguish between gross/net weights for the payment of growers. Read all release notes below:


With the new additions to GreenCommerce and the WMS App, it is possible to assign a gross weight to a pallet and a net product weight is calculated by the system based on the master data.

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Based on expected receipts, office workers can issue specific instructions to quality control employees to inspect goods. The commercial employees at the office use this to effectively direct the inspectors to re-inspect specific batches or pallets. Furthermore, it often happens that goods have to stay overnight at a location, so an extra inspection moment has to be planned. This is also made possible in GreenCommerce and the QC App.

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It is possible to activate an extra check when reversing a shipment. When a transfer from a final sales order is reversed, an error message occurs.

For sales orders that are not pre-assigned, batch transactions are generated at the time of preparing a shipment to reduce the lot inventory. When the status 'ready for shipment' is reversed ('not ready'), these mutations are left behind. A commercial employee is then always required to delete or adjust the transactions in the sales order.

The batch mutation has been extended with a new field in which a property can be indicated: 0 = Unknown, 1= Commerce, 2 = Shipping, 3 = Production. The moment a shipment is now reversed, all mutations with source type 'Transmission' are set to 0. This frees up the batch stock again and the pallets can be replaced if necessary. added directly in another shipment, or new pallets from other parties can be linked in the just rolled back shipment. In this way there is more flexibility in the shipment process and you can continue without the intervention of commerce.

Previously, it was already possible to indicate whether service and/or element registrations should be invoiced under the "Extra" tab. Now a setting on the “ElementRelationPrice” level has been added. When the relation is set to “Do not invoice registrations”, then this cannot be deviated from at Element relation price level.

In the elements stock, a new button has been added under the Stock correction button to view the corrections made. This gives more insight into the corrections that have been made.

An extra button has been added to the elements delivery screen to view the log of a elements delivery. In this way, there is more insight into what happens to the elements deliveries.

When a new inspection template is created in the QC App, quality employees can distinguish between templates for quality inspection and phyto inspections. Within this template they can include additional lines that relate to the phyto inspection. For example, authorized quality employees can from now on indicate a phyto status with the inspected batch(es).

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By means of a system parameter it is now possible to set whether you want to enter a counted number or a difference number when making a stock correction. If the difference quantity has been chosen, the new quantity of the stock is shown behind the input field. It is not possible to enter a difference number so that the new number falls below 0.

When adding a new "credit insurance" or "deductible", the current (today) values ​​are adopted, in this way only the value that changes needs to be entered and/or edited.

When copying an Item, Element and/or Service, an extra log line is written to the object that is newly created. This gives better insight into which actions an employee has performed.

The stock registrations have been expanded with two users. Firstly, the user who creates the stock registration “RegisteredByUser”, secondly the user who handled the stock registration “HandledByUser”.

In addition, the stock records that are no longer active are grayed out and the “Finish” task item is only available if active stock records are selected.

It is possible to sort multi-layered in the GreenCommerce WMS App, both for the displayed item lines and for the displayed pallets within an item line.

Both options are separately adjustable and can be used in addition to each other. By default, the settings are inherited from the existing sort setting. After changing this, this is remembered and the items within the pick list and the available pallets (if activated) are sorted based on the set preferences.

It was already possible to export an overview from Exact as XML with information about outstanding items. To replace the XML file, a separate API has been set up that can unlock the outstanding items from Exact. A structural and safer solution.

The SystemParameter 'OutstandingItemsImportCompanySpecific' is no longer used for this method.

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