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The first quarter of 2022 kicked off with a new GreenCommerce version; the Ugli fruit. This is not a mandatory release. The Ugli fruit release is mainly dominated by the themes Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management. Due to several large(r) projects that have been realized during this period, the number of release notes for this version is more limited. Hence why we have not made the release mandatory. Read all release notes below:


With the addition of the import duties calculation and the presence of the transport reservation in the incoterm, it is possible to draw up multiple price lists to customers based on deviating delivery conditions. To further support this, the price list has been expanded with an incoterm field. Also, in the sales suggestions, the price list with a corresponding incoterm has priority over price lists without a corresponding incoterm. This also applies to automatic price transfer/filling.

In April 2021, we entered into a partnership with a large customer to merge different databases into one, overarching database.

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The current FreshTracker App will be converted into a QC App, with at least the same functionalities as FreshTracker, but in a new and better format.

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A milestone has been added that triggers changes in the sales order lines scheduled for KCB declaration. As a result, the employee responsible for the KCB declaration is immediately informed of changes.

It is also possible to manage the email template in GreenCommerce for sending the XLS price list. The same data is available for preparing this template as for regular price list processing. The existing price list e-mail template can be used to send the XLS price list.

When invoices are partly or fully paid by customers, the invoice can be marked as paid or partly paid in GreenCommerce. It is now also possible to add a comment when labeling an invoice as 'paid' or 'partly paid'. By having this comment available as a column for invoices, the desired information is always clear to the financial employee, which makes it easier to follow up situations regarding payments, partial payments and advance payments.

For the multi-company processing of multi-company transit orders, extensions have been added that streamline the checks during the loading process on cleared goods. This allows mutually traded goods to be cleared at the time of loading.

To simplify the management of certifications, the validation rules for overlapping certifications with the same type of certificate have been simplified. From now on it is possible to use an overlap per relationship.

The popup windows of items in the 'single item' purchase and sales screens have been enlarged. This makes it easier for users to see the necessary information and the screen does not have to be enlarged every time.

To provide more insight into the exact assigned batch numbers in a pick list (shipment/production), an extension has been added to the WMS to make this clear. The functionality is available behind a filter in the pick list screens and can be set per user.

A new sorting option has been added in the pick list to sort by gross weight. For example, heavy items can be placed at the top so that they are picked up first to build up mix pallets.

The processing of new order lines within an order for which shipment schedules have already been made has been tackled. A visual improvement has been made that makes it clearer whether a new or existing shipment schedule should be used, and a preference can be set for the default suggestion (new vs. existing) by means of a system setting. Get in touch to learn more about this.

To further digitize the stock control process, extensions have been added that allow additional notes to be recorded during stock control. These registrations can then be shared with colleagues, after which the right people can carry out actions in the stock. The active stock registrations are displayed in a structured manner throughout the application so that every order picker has insight into possible deviations that have been found.

A new link between GreenCommerce and Work IT packaging has been realized. The new link ensures that various data about production and logistics activities can be exchanged between the systems. As a result, the mutual communication between the commercial department and the production and logistics departments is seamlessly coordinated.

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