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Thanks to great overviews in GreenCommerce, Simba Vegetables can work quickly and flexibly

Trade organization
Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Zwaagdijk, August 24, 2020
Simba Vegetables is a company mainly trading in potatoes, onions, carrots, iceberg lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, red beets, celeriac and cabbage. They sort and package part of this themselves, but also sell these products from other growers, sorters and packers. The trade mainly focuses on purchasing and selling Dutch products. In order to be flexible and to be able to work quickly, Simba Vegetables satisfies the use of automation software GreenCommerce.

As a trade organization, it is important for Simba Vegetables to automate daily business processes. Since the foundation in 2014 by Robert Sijm and Maurice Ott, GreenCommerce has become indispensable within the organization. Simba Vegetables is located in Zwaagdijk-Oost at the same address as Sijm Agro. Behind the office building, part of the processing of the products takes place. By operating from this location, they are in the middle of the growing area for many vegetables and maintaining in close contact with growers is self-evident. Purchasing, sales, administration and transport are managed from the office.

Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Clear communication because of great overviews
Simba Vegetables uses GreenCommerce for daily purchasing and sales activities and serves many customers with a compact team. Because purchase data and sales data are entered in the same way, the information is always complete, uniform and correct. With the correct data always available, the team can communicate clearly and quickly, both internally and to customers. "GreenCommerce is a great addition to our business; it is clear and we can work quickly and flexibly, so that we can serve our customers well and meet their expectations," said Richard Timmer (Sales Manager at Simba Vegetables).

Information and financial administration in order
Simba Vegetables has years of experience in exporting to various destinations. Partly thanks to GreenCommerce, Simba Vegetables can optimally unburden their customers. "We enter purchase orders and sales orders via GreenCommerce, which means that we have bundled all information and can therefore switch quickly." In addition to purchasing and sales, it is important that the financial administration of Simba Vegetables can be quickly made transparent. Because the GreenCommerce software package is linked to Exact Online, the financial administration can be properly processed. "We often receive compliments that our financial administration is very good," said Maurice Ott (Managing Director / Sales of Simba Vegetables).

Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Future proof development

Various connections
Simba Vegetables is a modern and innovative company. In addition to having a connection with Exact Online via GreenCommerce, they would like to look into the possibilities of working even faster and more accurately in the future by means of a link to Blue10. Blue10 offers a seamless integration with GreenCommerce with which they are able to process paper and digital purchase invoices (PDF) more easily and quickly. The possibilities for better management based on the collected data are also being examined. GreenCommerce offers a solution in the form of the Datawarehouse package.

Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

With the Simba Vegetables team, knowledge and experience come first. Together with its growers, they always go for the best quality. Robert Sijm (Managing Director / Sales at Simba Vegetables) enthusiastically looks to the future: "We are proud that we can be fast and flexible towards our customers".

Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce



Simba Vegetables works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


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