Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce - GreenCommerce

Due to GreenCommerce, Rainbow Kleinpak can optimally unburden their customers as a full-service packer and logistics service provider

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Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

De Lier, August 24, 2020
Rainbow Kleinpak is a fresh produce service provider that focuses on sorting, packaging and repacking (pointed) peppers and providing logistics services. The packing station in De Lier is fully air-conditioned and has various food safety certificates. With their modern machinery and the digital management of the logistics activities in GreenCommerce, they can prepare the products for their customers with care.

Rainbow Kleinpak is part of the Cooperative Poortcamp Logistics. This cooperative was created from a grower's mindset. By centrally packaging the bell peppers for all 35 members, structure and efficiency can be created. “Food safety and quality are central to all operational processes. We are fully certified and have our own quality service that we are very proud of. ” says Sander van Merkerk, process controller at Rainbow Kleinpak.

Sub locations in GreenCommerce
In GreenCommerce, sub locations are featured places in the warehouse, making it easy to manage locations and shelving. With the sub-locations in GreenCommerce, Rainbow Kleinpak knows exactly where which pallets are located in the warehouse and employees can be quickly navigated to the right place. These sub-locations are shown in GreenCommerce and in the screen of handheld scanners. Rainbow Kleinpak uses scanners so that the location in GreenCommerce is adjusted when they pick up and move one or more pallets. In the scanner it is possible to mark multiple pallets at once if they are located in the same sub-location. Rainbow Kleinpak mainly uses this functionality for counting and keeping track of the stock. Because they use the sub-locations in GreenCommerce, there is full control over the pallet stock.

Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Because Rainbow Kleinpak packs and repacks goods for third parties, they use the handling functionality in GreenCommerce. When creating a purchase or sales order, they can indicate in GreenCommerce that it concerns handling. The software then automatically ensures that the batch is assigned a reference indicating that Rainbow Kleinpak is not the owner of this batch. “We can easily provide insight per owner into arrivals, stocks, orders, production orders and shipments. Handling-invoices are also taken into account while invoicing, so that the costs and revenues can be put in a transparent overview.” according to Sander van Merkerk.

Control over costs and revenues for third parties
For Rainbow Kleinpak it is important to record which resources are used for the orders of clients. The link to the specific order or batch offers a supporting function, so that costs and revenues can be compared and insight is gained into the results achieved. Sander explains: “The services and elements module in GreenCommerce works well in collaboration with the handling extension. In this way we can easily charge the services and materials that were used to the customer.”

Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce

Future proof development

New developments
Rainbow Kleinpak recently participated in a pilot project in which a group of TU Delft students researched a new solution in the field of production for GreenCommerce. The research has led to further developments in which Rainbow Kleinpak wants to remain closely involved: “In jem-id we experience a driven partner who offers Rainbow Kleinpak the flexibility to respond to changes in the market and seize opportunities. The GreenCommerce package offers the space to unburden our customers in real-time as a full-service packager and logistics service provider.” Sander concludes.

Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce


GreenCommerce.NET, Services & element registrations, Handling, Fust registration, Sub-locations

Rainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerceRainbow Kleinpak works with fresh produce software GreenCommerce




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