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GreenCommerce WMS App (previously ELMO)

GreenCommerce WMS App
The GreenCommerce WMS App is a tool with which you can handle your tasks and assignments in a warehouse in a simple, user-friendly manner. The WMS App allows real-time picking, so that changes and feedback arrive directly at the right person.

Paper picklists are no longer required via the web app (which is directly linked to GreenCommerce). With the WMS App, the order picking process in a warehouse is fully automated and controlled via mobile devices such as tablets and telephones, but also via desktops. From GreenCommerce pick lists can be assigned to specific order pickers, so that only these pick lists will end up in the order picker's screen.

Because the WMS App can be used online, changes can be implemented immediately and the order picker will also be immediately notified in his screen. Users can pair Bluetooth scanners with the mobile device, making it easy to scan barcodes and thus avoid entering pallet numbers manually.

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