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Koppert Cress processes orders at increased speed through GreenCommerce and FreshBabel

Grower and sales organization

Monster, April 14, 2022
Koppert Cress digitalized important daily work through GreenCommerce. Additionally, they use FreshBabel, which allows them to have a digital connection with their customers. With the tool they don't have to retype, orders process faster and the reliability is increased. The video further explains the use of FreshBabel.

Platform as solution for dependency
It gets more and more important for companies to exchange information. In doing so, most buyers and sellers are still typing daily data, which can be inefficient. "Different companies work in different systems, but we can see that these companies depend on each other's data. With FreshBabel, it is possible to link parties, so you no longer have errors in transcribing and work can be done faster'', said Martijn van Andel (jem-id). 

Digitizing internal and external communication
Previously much went by phone and was noted on paper. Now, Koppert Cress registrates all activities that have an impact on the sales and stock trough GreenCommerce.
In order to make the exchange of orders automatic (trough a digital link), the organization uses FreshBabel. This enables a Koppert Cress customer such as BE Fresh Produce to place a digital order, which Koppert Cress accepts into its system and processes into a sales order with a single button. Wilbert Goes (Application Manager ERP | BI Specialist at Koppert Cress) is enthusiastic: "We really like the digital connection with customers. It ensures that our orders are processed faster. We don't have to enter all the lines separately and that also reduces the margin of error. I think we will have more and more orders going through FreshBabel and thus emphasize 'control' instead of 'input'. That will help us tremendously as an organization and also our relations.''

Digital connection also with other software suppliers
Martijn van Andel (jem-id) continues: “In addition, it is not exclusively for GreenCommerce users, because other software suppliers and other parties can also connect to FreshBabel, allowing parties that normally have nothing to do with each other on a technical level to communicate with each other.”

Futureproof with GreenCommerce
Delivery reliability is very important for Koppert Cress: “Because we want to serve customers optimally, it is necessary to work accurately and efficiently in the office, in the warehouse and on our cultivation sites. GreenCommerce offers us exactly what we were looking for. There is now better insight into stocks, sales and production data. We have chosen jem-id because of its reliable software and because the company has knowledge of the sector. Partly because of this, we can continue to innovate and grow together”, Says Wilbert Goes.

For more information about the project, GreenCommerce or FreshBabel, mail to remco@jem-id.nl or call +31 174 - 64 26 22


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