What is GreenCommerce?

GreenCommerce is the number one solution for all commercial parties active in the fruit and vegetable sector whom want to effectively and efficiently automate their company’s operational processes.

GreenCommerce was built specifically for players that are involved in the fruit and vegetable sector. The core of the system consists out of functionalities related to the commercial buy- and sell processes, real time inventories and the production processes. All inventory logging is done based on batches, but it’s also possible to log specific actions at the level of pallets.

On top of the stable core functionalities that Greencommerce offers, it is also possible to make use of several extra modules such as operating profits per company, transport planning, quality control, tracking and tracing, warehouse management and many more. These modules can be used in a flexible manner and combined in almost every possible way in order to perfectly align with the processes in your company.

Because of it's strong position in the fruit and vegetable sector and it's overall flexibility, GreenCommerce is a very suitable solution for every business that is involved in the sector. 

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Allows for several companies and locations in the same system
Efficient solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud.
Specifically aimed at commercial players within the fruit and vegetables sector.
Available in multiple languages 

For whom?

GreenCommerce offers flexible solutions to several types of players within the fruit and vegetable sector. Our service is available in different languages which makes it an interesting solution for both Dutch companies with offices abroad and foreign, independent parties.


Stability, speed and efficiency is the least one may expect from an ERP package these days. Based on its solid core, which has been proven by its usage with over 50 leading companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, Greencommerce develops modules and applications that make an actual difference. No adjustments within the framework, but reinvent and reshape existing processes, that’s what the coming years will be all about.

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Efficiently setting up processes by means of automation is something we highly value. Not just the processes within the companies, but also the processes that take place in the chain, are vital to keep on innovating. 


Logical processes are the only processes that can be automated successfully. To us, as software suppliers, this is one of the most important characteristics of our products that allows and enables us to continue developing new features.


A system should always be supportive to business processes. We believe that actions within a system should be mirrored to what is happening in reality. This is the only way that systems can be used and designed in an optimal way. 


To us, transparency is important for both data-usage and processes. A clear explanation of data as well as insights into the inner workings of the processes are key components of a reliable system.