GreenCommerce for growers associations

Grower associations consist out of many players that all collaborate at a close level. GreenCommerce is very suitable for sales organisations and offers several options that allow for a close cooperation with the growers.

Using GreenCommerce you can cooperate with growers in several ways, among which is GreenXchange which specifically focusses on the growers. GreenXchange allows the expected stock and production to be handled by the growers. On top of that GreenCommerce is equipped with the option to track your sold products all the way from the cultivation. Aside from that it also gives you the opportunity to pay the growers based on the sales results.

From 5 up to a 100+ users
Multi-company: allows for multiple companies in the same package
Available in multiple languages 

The key benefits

Inventory Management

The actual and expected inventory is displayed in several ways. This gives you a clear and concise overview of your marketable stock.

GreenCommerce also allows you to implement the prognosis from the growers so you can effectively plan your orders and get a timely view on possible surpluses or shortages.


GreenCommerce allows for the product to be traced from the cultivation to its final destination. The information on the cultivation is documented at the source and included all through its life cycle.

Even after having your products repacked or flowpacked the tracebility is maintained. This makes it easy to determine per shipped pallet what the source of the product is.


A digital cooperation with growers offers many advantages in the area of available stock and the information supply on orders and transport.

GreenXchange is an online platform that growers can use to process orders, stock and transport. GreenXchange can be linked with GreenCommerce.

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GreenCommerce supports us in our daily business by providing the service our customers and growers need.

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GreenCommerce has been supporting our purchase, sales and logistics processes for years. Its automated processes allow us to deliver our tomato's to our customers every day.

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